Long Island Video Production Company DrakonStudio Upgrades Website to Include Premium Features

DrakonStudio wants to share its website changes and upgrades with its users and clients. All Long Island video production customers will experience DrakonStudio’s services in a streamlined fashion while enjoying a more user-friendly browsing experience.

Online PR News – 28-March-2012 – – HOLBROOK, N.Y. ‚Äď Long Island video production company DrakonStudio is thrilled to announce the upgrades and advancements of new features recently added to its website. DrakonStudio believed it was necessary to complete the upgrades to the website to ensure all users, clients and browsers would have the ability to search DrakonStudio seamlessly and smoothly.

‚ÄúWe received requested feedback from our users as well as from our clients to learn what we could do to improve our website,‚ÄĚ said Lead Graphic Designer and Production Manager at DrakonStudio. ‚ÄúThrough the suggestions we were given, we upgraded our pages, options and features to make them all easier to browse.‚ÄĚ

DrakonStudio researched all the directions a Long Island video production company could travel to serve its customers. Customary services include video production, post production and event videography. DrakonStudio wanted to bring new and unique services to its clients, so it expanded its services to include format transfers, video invitations, marketing segments, internet presence optimization and, exclusively from DrakonStudio, Dynamic Realty Walkthroughs. No other Long Island video production company offers all of these distinct services to its customers.

DrakonStudio is excited to share its most unique feature: the Dynamic Realty Walkthrough (DRW). This service was created directly for real estate agents to help them develop an interactive experience for their clients to surround the potential homebuyers with the home’s features before stepping foot onto the property. The DRW takes the simple photographs of a property to a new level with an innovative 3D walkthrough which will include interactive video that utilizes advanced graphics to show homebuyers exact measurements, significant features, room layouts and more about the space they are viewing.

Other enhancements to the DrakonStudio website include a dedicated section that includes news for browsers to know the latest DrakonStudio announcements and communications; and promotions, which are updated continuously to ensure accuracy, for customers and clients to have the most up-to-date and current deals in one place.

Utilizing their experience as an established Long Island video production company, DrakonStudio completed changes including a remodeling of the design aspect of the website as well to create a modern look that better represents DrakonStudio. Elements like the logo and company colors have been integrated fully into the movement and flow of the website.

DrakonStudio is also developing an extension website that will integrate news about various media and production technology like cameras and lenses; industry events; and multimedia software all in one place. This extension will be called DrakonStudio Scrolls; and after its completion, DrakonStudio Scrolls will be the multimedia fan’s connection to the Production Social Network.

As a Long Island video production company, DrakonStudio is dedicated to the satisfaction of its clients as well as its browsers.

To see the updated website or to learn about services offered by DrakonStudio, visit http://www.drakonstudio.com or call 631-676-4804.

Connect with us by emailing news@drakonstudio.com or by visiting http://www.facebook.com/drakonstudio.

DrakonStudio is an established multimedia production company specializing in production and commercial services for individuals or small and large businesses. Its goal is to supply a personalized package to each customer according to their needs. The dedicated staff at DrakonStudio provides every customer with professional and specialized attention as it focuses on the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of the product that DrakonStudio provides.

DrakonStudio is dedicated to the highest level of service possible and always pushes the boundaries of creative excellence to ensure the company is meeting and exceeding expectations of its customers.

DrakonStudio is conveniently located at 321 Dante Court, Suite 9 in Holbrook, NY 11741.