Sheryl To Do A Green US Tour; Know How Green It Is

Sheryl Crow is set for a tour across US. And with a help, she is making it an eco-friendly trip.

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – Sheryl Crow, a Grammy winner hit maker, is set on a road trip across the United States. However, hers is a tour different from others. She will get it all going while going green.

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The singer-songwriter-mother is basically up for a US tour to promote her latest album 100 Miles from Memphis. It will start on Saturday in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Partnering with a green cosmetic company, the musician will have an eco-friendly road trip. She has demanded that recycling bins are installed on all the tour's venues. Trucks to load all of her tour equipments are also set to run on biodiesel. Even the foods to serve are also all organic.

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“Everybody has a part in preserving the planet. Sheryl Crow keeps on doing hers while touring the US for her 100 Miles from Memphis album. For that, she deserves to be commended.”

“The nine Grammy Awards winner insisted on installing recycle bins on all of her tour venues. Additionally, all the trucks to carry her tour equipments will run on biodiesel fuel. Going for another green point, the tour's catering is also set to serve organic foods.”

“A giant green cosmetics company is Crow's partner in making her tour as eco-friendly as possible. And with all her efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of her rounding US trip, the mother-musician is truly an awesome example for others to follow.”

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“Sheryl Crow will prove her green credentials on her upcoming tour of the U.S. – she is insisting recycling bins are installed at every venue.”

“The All I Wanna Do hitmaker is promoting her 100 Miles from Memphis album with a road trip across the States, and she’s teamed up with ethical cosmetics giant Tom’s of Maine to ensure the tour is as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

“All trucks carrying the singer/songwriter’s equipment and lighting will run on biodiesel fuel, her backstage catering is strictly organic, and recycling bins will be installed at every venue on the 40-date trek, according to Music Week.”

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