FabTrol Systems uploads YouTube video about its re-engineered software’s powerful new reporting tool

FabTrol Systems’ new reporting tools provide the steel fabrication industry with powerful, previously unavailable, reporting capabilities

Online PR News – 12-May-2011 – – FabTrol Systems’ reports' video on YouTube demonstrates the power and ease of use of the reporting capability in the company's re-engineered software. No other steel fabrication management solution allows users to manage reports with equivalent power and flexibility, including:

- Easy, one-click access to reports specifically relevant to the workflow area from which the report was accessed

- One-click, automatic access to data for new custom reports

- Quick and easy report customization with no limit on the number of customized reports

- Automatic inclusion of custom reports in the software interface

- Immediate sharing of custom reports with other users via the FabTrol software interface

- The ability to hide or show reports by user

- Powerful interaction between FabTrol’s filters and the users’ custom reports

According to FabTrol Systems’ general manager, Brian Williams, the integrated reporting capabilities in the company’s re-engineered software “are so deeply integrated, users won’t be able to tell the difference between standard and customized reports. Both are connected to the same data and customized reports show up automatically, and immediately, in the interface. With SQL Reporting and Crystal Reports, reports cannot be integrated in this way, and as much as we like Dev Express Reports, the system we’ve built provides absolutely seamless integration of custom reports with all of the software’s standard filters and reports software.”

For more information, call FabTrol Systems at 541-485-4719. NASCC 2011 attendees are encouraged to visit FabTrol Systems’ Booth 1117 for more information.

FabTrol Systems, a proud member of the Dowco Group, has been the leading supplier of steel fabrication management software for 25 years. In one modular integrated solution, FabTrol MRP provides management tools for estimating, drawings, materials, production, and shipping. Founded by steel fabricators, and still built around a core team of former steel fabricators, the company continues its commitment to the industry by actively seeking feedback from its customer companies—over 1,000 globally—and by working with other industry leaders to address existing and future needs.

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