Nair & Co. Launches SaaS Offering for Clients

New Reporting Portal Provides Customers More Transparency, Easier Access to Accounting Data

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – Sunnyvale, CA —Nair & Co., a global integrated solutions provider helping companies in international expansion, today announced the launch of its new reporting portal that provides customers secure on-demand access to their accounting data and a variety of business intelligence tools.

The online portal, which is integrated with Nair & Co.’s SunSystems accounting platform, incorporates a pre-built range of powerful, user-friendly reports allowing clients to quickly view, prepare and examine their entire transactional history (i.e. data for any country, for any time period that Nair & Co. has handled).

“If you are operating in 20 countries and we’ve been supporting all those operations for the last five years, every bit of transactional data for all countries for the entire duration is available instantly,” said Dr. Shan Nair, co-founder & CEO of Nair & Co.

“We strive to give clients the best available service for their business needs and have designed the reporting portal to be flexible and customizable to specific client requirements. It empowers clients to review performance, make quick business decisions and evolve corporate strategy while saving time and money. As the tagline for the portal says, this is your window onto your results.”

The reporting portal is unique to each client and works as their own customized website. The automated data feeds ensure that when a client visits the portal they always receive up-to-date information via one single source, reducing time spent on routine reporting issues.

Key Features of the Nair & Co.’s Reporting Portal

¦ Secure web-based access to transactional history of accounting data
¦ Data is refreshed on a weekly basis
¦ Improved business intelligence
¦ Ability to select and execute from a pre-built set of reports covering P&L, BS, TB and Current Balances
¦ Ability to examine results and spot trends and anomalies
¦ Ability to generate clients bespoke reports to be presented via the reporting portal to meet their specific needs

Developed by Nair & Co.’s business transformation group, the reporting portal took approximately one year of planning and four months of development time.

“The overall investment to develop and integrate this technology layer has been significant for Nair & Co., however initial adoption by clients in the beta stage was excellent and so has been feedback during all product demonstrations to date,” said Jody Fullman, vice president of technology & internal audit at Nair & Co.

“The service has responded to a market need for continuous, quick and easy access to ‘under the hood’ data and puts us ahead of the curve in our niche.”

Nair & Co.’s innovative and unique solutions are built to scale to new operations, incorporate changes in policy and/or strategy. The company’s team of experts provides consultancy services in Human Capital Consulting, Tax Consulting, Accounts Compliance, Internal Audit Compliance, Tax Compliance, and Corporate Governance across the globe.

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