Berlin Based Localization Company Receives Positive Reviews

Anakan GmbH receives positive reviews for recent localized releases "Dragon Age 2" and "Crysis 2"

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – BERLIN, GERMANY May 11, 2011- Following the timely German localized releases of Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2, came the user and industry reviewers. Each title received a myriad of positive reviews, featuring the reviews for "Dragon Age 2", “very good German and English speakers,” and “good German speaker; very good dialogue with voice output.” These reviews came in conjunction with the review, “good voice output,” and the statement for the use of, “celebrity German speakers,” for "Crysis 2".

Along with the work on the most recently released games, the year 2010 as a whole was an enterprising and successful year for the Berlin based localization company. Working on such titles as "Bulletstorm", "Back to the Future", "R.U.S.E.", and "Forza 3", the entire team at Anakan collaborated to facilitate each project’s success, while conserving its unique character. Generating such reviews as “brilliant catch-phrases; good German synchronization” for "Bulletstorm", “the German localization was very successful,” for R.U.S.E. and “good German synchronization; great and witty dialogue,” for "Back to the Future".

Since its founding in 2006, Anakan has been a reliable partner for developers and publishers seeking the most accurate and cost-efficient adaptations of their video games and related multimedia products. Anakan works on 10 platforms in over 30 languages, and handles translations, desktop publishing, audio, and testing services to ensure the highest quality for each individual project.

The diverse and international team at Anakan is thrilled by these positive reviews and looks forward to gaining more valued feedback from their hard and dedicated work. With years of experience in working with the biggest names in the games industry there is proof of the quality of service. All of the team members are genuine experts with a passion and enthusiasm that constantly drives their performance to new levels.

Contact Information:
Anakan GmbH
Pfuelstraße 5
10997 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 531 420 450

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