How Boomer Women Can Become Fabulous

My name is Andrea Warshaw-Wernick and I have a lifestyle show called which was launched this past February. You may view the announcement of our launch Our purpose is to guide and advise today’s woman on how

Online PR News – 14-May-2011 – – My name is Andrea Warshaw-Wernick and I have a lifestyle show called which was launched this past February. You may view the announcement of our launch Our purpose is to guide and advise today’s woman on how she can and always will be Fabulous at 60!

As the ultimate expert on how Boomer women can become fabulous, I share my secrets, my energy, and my contagious can-do attitude with women everywhere. With the experts I interview for my site, we provide free advice on topics including health and beauty, fitness and nutrition, love, sex, family and giving back. Fabulous at 60 also means understanding your finances, including planning, long term insurance, social security, pensions, and distributions of one’s IRA. Reinventing yourself means you can be independent and secure when the time is right.

I have created a brand and a “movement” of women who are just starting to live their lives the best they can. Whether they live alone or have partners, these ladies seek an authority to turn to for advice, motivation, information, and solutions. They look to an expert who will help them accomplish their goals and aspirations to live life to the fullest. My web show clearly defines all of that and more for these women who want to be empowered and who want to rejuvenate themselves at this stage of life. Some of the topics that can be seen on my website are:

Andrea on Fitness

Andrea’s quick, easy, and portable exercise routines make for a fit, firm, and fabulous body. In it, she teaches an 50+ ex-playboy bunny how to safely workout so she will soon be back in her bunny outfit!

Andrea on Diet

Andréa has food down to a science. Learn her diet secrets that will transform even the chubbiest genetics. She did it and you can too! Watch Andrea take anyone overweight and make them a thin, healthy, hot lady.

Andrea on Beauty

Andrea shares her latest secrets for makeup, hair removal, and youthful skin. Watch her blow-by-blow makeup demo from using tools to finishing touches to how to become beautiful with some basic exercise moves in 10 minutes....

Andrea on “Grey” Divorce and Remarrying at Midlife

Andrea candidly shares her experiences in leaving one marriage in the middle of her life and successfully finding the right mate-and in the third time around. Andrea knows the formula for how and where to find the right mate and how to deal positively with the fear and depression of getting divorced.

The Myth of Menopause and Sex at Sixty

Join Andrea and board certified Ob/gyn and menopause expert Dr. Laura Corio for a frank discussion about the pros and cons of bio-identical hormones as well as how to come out of menopause with your vagina and sex-drive intact. Andrea delivers some surprisingly optimistic news you might be surprised to hear.

Retiring on a Full Tank

Andrea and financial and long-term care insurance specialist Rick Lehrer, President and a Founding Partner of The Cambridge Organization Insurance, talks about the best ways to plan now for a long smooth drive ahead. Andrea also speaks with women in this segment about their financials, how to balance their budget and stay financially stable.

PLUS, So Much More…

Andrea speaks on plastic surgery, dermatology and anti-aging with various doctors to learn the latest and greatest techniques and procedures (whether it’s under the knife or not) . . . Andrea shows women how to reinvent themselves and helps ladies create their next career or bring their passion to life . . . Andrea features Barbara K from Barbara’s Way who shows women how to fix anything in their home by themselves with their own tools . . . Andrea speaks to HSN’s Diane Gilman and her line of Baby Boomer Jeans and why they are so hot . . . Andrea interviews Ramona Singer from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City who shows us her new Re- Newal Skin care line and how to use it!

These are important topics that are not easily found and that Boomer Women need. I see hundreds of scenarios with different types of women whom I have mentored and along with my dream team, help not only to make them fabulous but help them to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life!

I would like to discuss the opportunity to help AOL develop a web series and blog that teaches women how to live a healthy and more fulfilled lifestyle. Please take a look at my web show and view all of these topics for yourself. Feel free to contact me so we may discuss the possibilities with AOL further. I look forward our conversation!

Thank you,