Windows 7 ROI Tool Delivers Comprehensive Cost and Benefit Analysis

- Based on Extensive Research, Hall Consulting & Research’s Innovative Tool Enables Companies to Quickly and Credibly Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Microsoft’s Windows 7 -

Online PR News – 07-December-2009 – – Pittsburgh, PA - Hall Consulting & Research (HCR) today announced the release of its new Windows 7 ROI Tool®, powerful, customizable system that enables organizations to quickly and credibly assess the costs and benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7. The tool provides a robust framework for evaluating all the costs and benefits, to arm companies and service providers with the information they need to develop solid business cases for Windows 7 deployments. Invaluable, comprehensive financial analysis regarding upgrading is unearthed. HCR’s system also includes: Windows 7 feature assessment, TCO analysis, the additional business value of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), and analysis of PC management best practices and maturity levels.

This comprehensive, powerful tool is based on extensive research from a variety of sources, including detailed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies conducted by HCR and others, as well as over 80 Windows 7 early adopter case studies. The tool also leverages, or is aligned with, research from many other sources including: Gartner Group, IDC, and Forrester Research. This research is detailed throughout the tool.

“Many organizations are asking if upgrading to Windows 7 is really worth the investment,” states J. Peter Bruzzese, for InfoWorld. “There are credible tools that can help you assess and quantify the costs and benefits of moving to Windows 7. One that I've found to be quite extensive and useful comes from Hall Consulting and Research.” The Basic edition of HCR’s tool is available for free download at The full version is available for licensing.

HCR’s Windows 7 ROI Tool® unearths potential benefits such as: reduced IT labor TCO savings, power savings, avoidance of third-party-software/infrastructure, user productivity, and the impact on non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Enabling features are provided for each Benefit. Supporting research/evidence is also provided for each benefit. HCR’s model provides either a rapid assessment (simply by selecting a scenario and entering basic organizational profile data), or a very comprehensive assessment by modifying hundreds of detailed inputs.

“Companies of all sizes are struggling to understand the costs and benefits of upgrading to Windows 7 in the context of their specific needs,” says Andrew Hall, president of Hall Consulting & Research. “Our tool helps organizations develop cogent, customized business cases, supported by reliable data, concerning Windows 7 deployment and licensing scenarios.”

HCR’s Windows 7 ROI Tool® can also be used by service providers and consultants to justify the value of their Windows 7 solutions. It can be customized, for example, to illustrate the service provider’s implementation methodologies.

Windows 7 ROI Tool® Features:
• Comprehensive assessment of Windows 7 costs and benefits
• Costs: hardware, software, IT labor, training and services, as well as user labor and training.
• Benefits: IT labor TCO savings, user productivity, power savings, reduced software/infrastructure costs, etc. The model lists key Windows7/Vista features (based on the feature assessment) that enable each benefit
• Supports rapid (30 minute) or detailed (5+ day) assessments
• Comprehensive financial analysis, including project cash flow, cost-benefit, ROI, Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and payback period.
• Pre-populated with research-based default costs and benefits to accelerate analysis
• Supports most corporate client OS deployment scenarios
• Licensing analysis
• Windows 7 feature assessment: Enables the user to rate the likely usefulness/adoption of 180+ Windows 7/Vista features
• Estimates the value of each feature. Provides dynamic ranked lists of top features.
• Extensive use of graphs/charts to enhance understanding of results (for example, dynamic feature-benefit maps)
• Maturity assessment: leverages maturity/best practice frameworks from Microsoft and IDC
• User-friendly and intuitive

HCR’s Windows 7 ROI Tool® is available for download at The basic version is free and requires no registration. The full version is available for enterprise-wide licensing by calling 412.344.5103.

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