Willie Horton, Founder of Gurdy.net, Chatting Live with Mike Nabuurs on Talk 820 Hamilton Ontario

Willie Horton, the founder of Gurdy.net will be talking with Mike Nabuurs on December 10th at 11 am on Talk 820 Hamilton Ontario

Online PR News – 06-December-2009 – – (December 6, 2009) Willie Horton, the founder of Gurdy.net will be talking with Mike Nabuurs on December 10th at 11 am on Talk 820 Hamilton Ontario. The twenty minute interview will involve a discussion on “How to Live the Dream – Even in This Recession.”

Willie Horton is a successful businessman, husband and father and the author of “To Succeed…Just Let Go.” He has worked with a number of prestigious Fortune 500 companies including companies like Allergan, Deloitte, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Nestle, Pfizer, PwC, and Wyeth. Mr. Horton has helped hundreds of professionals become more successful and effective through his personal training and development offerings at Gurdy.net. Mr. Horton possesses an encyclopaedic intellect and an unparalleled Irish charm that he uses to impart life altering wisdom in less than five minutes time! Now you can tune in and hear some of the life changing wisdom Willie Horton has to share as he speaks with Mike Nabuurs on December 10th.

Willie Horton has been using Gurdy.net to help people of all walks of life live extraordinarily successful lives. Mr. Horton has vast experience in changing lives and has even changed his own when he left his job as the President at ACCBank and moved from Ireland to the French Alps. Today, he is an esteemed lecturer, coach and management mentor, and he has been working and studying in the fields of psychology, quantum physics, and business strategy since the early 1990s. On December 10th you can find out more about the wisdom that Mr. Horton can impart to you through his personal training courses on Gurdy.net.

Mike Nabuurs spends his time talking to the people of Hamilton and sharing ideas on how to make the city even better than it already is on the radio show Talk 820. Nabuurs has spent 15 years on the air in Hamilton, Ontario, and has co-hosted a number of different morning shows. On December 10th, you can listen into the interview with Willie Horton to discover how Horton’s passion for life and Nabuurs passionate debate skills intertwine for a truly life changing interview.

Willie Horton created Gurdy.net based on the philosophy that the human mind is one’s greatest resource. Mr. Horton believes that if the mind is left to its own devices, it can become one’s greatest adversary, but with a few simple measures a person can take full control of his or her mind and life. What’s more, Mr. Horton teaches others that by taking control of one’s mind and life he or she can grasp the key to living the dream.
“Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life. Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life.”
Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic Ireland

At Gurdy.net you will find out more about The Ultimate Personal Development Plan, the online version of Mr. Horton’s acclaimed 2 day intense workshop that has been in operation since 1996. The Ultimate Personal Development Plan through Gurdy.net offers you access to some 29 video seminars which will help you start living your dream instantly. Find out how to live the dream, even in this recession, why self help books will not help you, why the need for approval is addictive, how to make resolutions that you will stick to, and how to free yourself from depression and stress. The personal and development training course offered on Gurdy.net will also teach you how to impart successful life techniques to your children, how to banish mediocrity from your life, and how to remain on the top of your game in a competitive world.

Find out more about the Mike Nabuurs Talk 820 radio show by visiting the show’s official website at: http://www.talk820.com/shows/777732. Discover the life that is waiting for you by visiting: http://www.gurdy.net.


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