New Alternative to the World Wide Web Announced

The AEIN has introduced an energy-efficient, ad-free Internet based information system.

Online PR News – 06-December-2009 – – The new Alternative Electronic Information Network launched today, offering an ad-free, environmentally friendly way to use the Internet. The AEIN's highly efficient system makes it easily accessible on nearly any Internet connection or PC-compatible computer. It provides news, weather, forums, reviews, and a variety of other content.

AEIN pages utilize a range of eye-friendly color schemes and feature embedded shape-based graphics. Lines and text resize to fit the user's monitor and video resolution; members never have to scroll left and right to read text or view images. The AEIN also features line animations and low-resolution photographs.

Rather than using a web browser, members navigate the AEIN through its exclusive access software. This ensures compatibility with all pages. The software is available in versions created for Windows 95, more recent Windows systems, and even DeskMate 3.x. It is designed for ease of use with or without a mouse installed.

The efficient new system helps to decrease power consumption at both the server and personal computer levels. Other steps will also be taken to benefit the environment. Starting in 2010, the AEIN plans to fund (via a charitable organization) the planting of a number of trees equivalent to its current membership at the end of each year.

The AEIN will be operated using the income from membership fees. It will not depend upon stockholders, advertisers, or large contributors. This will help it respond to the needs of members, rather than the interests of powerful individuals or corporations. Every two weeks, a binding poll will be held to make an important decision regarding the system.

AEIN membership is currently offered in 16 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Uganda, the United States, the U.K., and others. Almost any ISP, modem, or connection will work. For the first week, lifetime membership is available for only $14.95 USD. A monthly rate will apply in subsequent weeks.

With computer servers consuming an ever-increasing supply of electricity worldwide, the AEIN has created an alternative which will help reduce the Internet's burden upon the environment. It also provides a pleasant ad-free resource where members are not pressured to buy the latest products or continually upgrade their computers.