Endless Internet Deals and Coupons: Joffer Forms Partnership with SF Station to Increase Money Saving Deals in San Francisco.

Joffer Forms Partnership with SF Station to Increase Money Saving Deals in San Francisco.

Online PR News – 05-December-2009 – – JOFFER and SF Station have teamed up to tell deal-hungry SF about the best ways to explore and enjoy San Francisco without paying full price. The new alliance promotes good living on the cheap, from eats to health, entertainment and events, all to be enjoyed within the foggy city.

SF Station keeps San Franciscans 'in the know' regarding local events, providing a dynamic business directory, and progressive editorial reviews on everything happening in the Bay Area. JOFFER provides subscribers great deals by sharing deeply discounted daily & multi-day deals on high quality local products and services. Together the partnership will bring JOFFER access to the 500,000+ unique SF Bay Area users who use SF Station each month to plan out their weekends and social activities. JOFFER will be hosting a giveaway on SF Station's website, giving those that sign-up a chance to win big bucks in JOFFER dollars to promote the already great deals posted on the site.

JOFFER and SF Station bring forth a win for both city dwellers and city businesses. By offering worthwhile deals and savings, the partnership will continue to create endless ‘word-of-mouth’ exposure for local businesses and money-saving tips to consumers both in need of affordable services during the rough economic times.


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