Online Life Force International Retailer Expands Liquid Vitamins to Australia

Online liquid supplements vendor becomes the first Life Force International independent member website to feature Australian pricing along with US and Canadian options.

Online PR News – 04-December-2009 – – Pennsylvania, USA - Residents of the federal states and territories of Australia now have access to natural and organic liquid vitamins and other natural herbal supplements., a Life Force International independent member, now has Australian dollar pricing on their product pages.

“We already have had one purchase before we even made this announcement,” stated Darryl Schlicher, co-owner of the natural liquid vitamin website. “We’re delighted that the Australian continent now has access to the same specials US customers have had for several years. We offer specials and deals over and above the official corporate-sanctioned site.” Schlicher is referring to the site Life Force offers each of its members for free to sell the products. is an independent site and therefore can offer free items and specials in addition to easy-to-spot information for vegetarians, vegans, those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and insulin resistance. sells organic liquid whole food vitamins, other natural liquid supplements and health aids, and some additional liquid herbal homeopathy tinctures. Their line exclusively features products from Life Force International of Poway, CA. While Life Force International is a 25-year old company, Life Force Australia has been active for only 10 years.

Not every Life Force product on the website will bear the Australian purchase option, due to limitations at the corporate level for shipping certain products from California in the United States. The products available to the Australian consumer are: Body Balance organic liquid whole food multivitamin, OsteoProCare liquid calcium and magnesium supplement with glucosamine, TrueGreens probiotic greens drink mix, AminoCharge with Regulator vegetarian protein powder mix, and the Life Force Herbal Body Wrap with seaweed.

Customers will now see an Australian flag with pricing in Australian dollars (AU$) listed after the US “Buy Now” button. In the masthead, there is an active link to go to the Australia-specific cart. When asked if he was aware of the large exposure another vitamin company, USANA, has in Australia, Schlicher replied, “We know there are many vitamin companies active in Australia, but none of them are organic and natural all-liquid vitamins and supplements. People are realizing liquids start getting absorbed the minute they hit the mouth tissues, unlike pills and capsules—and they’re almost completely absorbed by the body because there aren’t any fillers to hold them together. It’s a privilege to be able to present the Australian public with these organic liquid options—we know there are folks who have been waiting for this a long time. We look forward to providing what they’ve been waiting for.”

About is a preferred vendor of Life Force International liquid supplement products on the Internet and were the first liquid supplement retailer to list vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, celiac, and gluten information on their product pages. Their business has received green office certification and national recognition for their business practices. The site offers a “Customer First” Certification Award open to all business industries. In December 2009, they added a shopping option for Australian consumers as well as US and Canadian options.

Carolyn Schlicher


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