Action Offers New LED Lighting Solutions

Now Generation LEDs are producing energy savings up to 70%-90%

Online PR News – 27-January-2009 – – Media, PA (January 27th, 2009) - Action National Sign & Lighting announced they are offering a new generation LED lighting technology. The company has begun installing the outdoor Solid State Lighting systems which are extremely ecologically friendly and reduces energy consumption up to 70%-90%. This advanced LED technology delivers better light levels, has a 5 year warranty, a lifetime of up to 20 years and are American made lighting products.

“Our LED lighting systems have a high percentage of energy savings, and maintenance costs are drastically reduced because of durability and reliability over traditional lighting systems. Calculating both of these factors you will be able to see an appreciable return on investment,” Lou DiDomenico, VP of Energy Management.

The new LED lighting systems being manufactured in the United States that Action is now offering has overcome thermal problems that plagued earlier foreign LED fixtures. Heat damages the LEDs and greatly depreciates their lifespan. Action offers LED lighting that has a patented pending advanced cooling design and process, dissipating heat generated by the component. This results in the LED fixtures operating for many years at high-intensity levels without maintenance concerns.

Action National Sign & Lighting LED fixtures are now ready for broad deployment across general lighting applications such as parking garages, parking lots, tunnels, under canopies, exterior wall packs, streetlights, walkways, industrial properties, arenas, rinks, and gymnasiums.
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LED lighting systems are available for purchase along with installation and retrofitting services.

About Action National Sign & Lighting:
Headquartered in Media, PA, Action National Sign & Lighting provides national services and solutions throughout multiple industries fulfilling brand identity and business lighting needs. Action offers energy-efficient lighting systems that are capable of maximizing lighting effectiveness while minimizing energy consumption. Actions’ services and solutions are designed to enhance brand image, improve safety and reduce energy consumption and costs without sacrificing the quality, look, feel and safety of facilities. For additional information, please visit the Action National Sign & Lighting website at