THE ASHOKA ROLLS design project.

A Design project undertaken in 10 days including corporate identity, photoshoot, brochure and catalogue design, panel design and presentation.

Online PR News – 04-December-2009 – – The Ashoka Rolls project was a a design project undertaken by Forte Design Solutions ( an industrial roll manufacturer. If you already have visited the link(, then you would be informed briefly about the design process of the project. The project actually had more bits to it including designing of exhibition panels for the show which started today (4th dec 2009) and also a presentation film for the same. All of these jobs were completed in a short span of time as the client had approached us a little late on 22nd of November 2009. Nevermind, becoz we love challenges.

About the design, the inspiration came as it always does, from filling out 20 or so sheets with scribbles and sketches. Then writing down paras about the client for self reference so that our designs are always on the right track keeping in mind the main motive of our client. Here the main motive was to prepare Ashoka Rolls for entering the international market in the near future. That's why we would be doing the website and corporate film as well early next year.

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