Auto Insurance News - Distracted Driving Now One Of The Major Causes of Accidents and Death

New report reveals distracted drivers are now one of the major causes of car accidents and vehicular manslaughter.

Online PR News – 04-December-2009 – – auto insurance News - Distracted Driving Increasing Accidents and Death

It is not new nowadays when it is heard that the costs of auto insurance are going up. There are a lot of factors that affects this. The economy can be the first to blame for the high costs of premiums. It has reached a point where the economy has created a downward spiral for different industries including the automotive industry. Since this is the case, to be able to maintain insurance companies, premium should be raised which is a pain in the pockets of plan holders. The second aspect that affects is more frequent accidents. The economy is a given and as of now car owners can will just have to bear with it. What are alarming though are some reasons why drivers are not driving safely due to distractions.

Different auto insurance companies have been holding conferences about why drivers are distracted wile driving and the results were such a concern because it does happen often which creates accidents.

It is shown in a lot of surveys that technology is and can be a positive as well as a negative for driving. Devices such as cell phones or even as simple as car radios can provide enough distraction to a driver and can cause accidents. Texting and cell phone calls can make drivers out of focus and that split second can make a driver’s reaction time slower. According to Bill Moore of MetLife Auto and Home, “Distracted driving is increasingly having an impact on lives lost and property damaged. safe driving is really about focus.”

Also in the survey is the fact that drivers still go ahead and drive despite the feeling of fatigue. It is a given that drivers who are sleepy can definitely get into an accident. Drivers should be mindful of signs of tiredness such as yawning. It is for a driver’s safety if these are not taken for granted.

The government, through the US Department of Transportation, has conducted a 2 day summit recently to promote driving safety. Technology in cars has been discussed as well as proper driving habits especially for new drivers.

Auto insurance can go down if drivers are responsible enough. Any driver can go to any insurance provider to seek help in proper safety in driving. Companies will surely have suggestions to keep drivers focus in driving and be safer behind the wheel.

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