New BancRunner Shopping Cart Ready To Launch

...The Planet's Most Talked About Bolt-on E-Store!

Online PR News – 14-May-2009 – – Kansas City, Missouri, May 15, 2009 – BancRunner™, “the most talked about Shopping Cart among Credit Card Companies”, announced that its full expansion of the 'new' BancRunner™ is ready to launch.

After research tests were performed in 6 Cities with Credit Card Agents selling the BancRunner™ Shopping Cart to their Merchants, the lessons learned are staggering. Research shows that most Merchants do not want to become Programming Techs to have a functioning Shopping Cart. It was also learned that Credit Card Agents do not want to be viewed as Programming Techs.

With the rise of PayPal as the biggest Shopping Cart provider most Transaction Companies have abandon the one advantage which they previously owned…their Merchants. Every Credit Card Agent in America had a hold on 'brick-and-mortar' Merchant transactions but when their 'on-line' opportunities came via the Internet the Credit Card Agent cowardly denied helping their Merchant. Thus, PayPal’s hold on the market began to loom larger and larger as Merchants turned their trust over to them. It turns out that it wasn’t the Credit Card Agents fault…it was their Processor. So, the majority of Internet sells now go through PayPal instead all those Transaction companies listed in Green Sheet.

Universal Financial Systems, LLC. conducted the research with the help of MVP Marketing LLC. to determine what was left if any 'on-line' business through traditional 'brick-and-mortar' Merchants. The result is a 'new' BancRunner™ Shopping Cart. This time loaded with Interchange Rates for Master Card, Visa and now Discover, this Shopping Cart is aimed at delivering to the Merchant the lowest price point comparable to PayPal for on-line transactions. Results of the research can be viewed on Each Merchant can sign-up via an on-line application for a national Interchange Rate via Harley Financial Services an ISO for Harris Bank.

From that point three flat fee website packages are being offered to meet the demand of the Merchant along with the size of BancRunner™ Shopping Cart that they desire. No knowledge of computer programming is needed. The three packages include a completed BancRunner™ Shopping Cart which is built for the Merchant and attached to their website. If the Merchant does not have a website, the BancRunner™ Shopping Cart can act as their website which is another feature that the new research showed beneficial. Website development has been overrated for a long time, since it is proven that most customers spend very little time on websites before skipping to the next. BancRunner™ is your 'always Open' store ready to begin the shopping experience.

Credit Card Agents can now view selling as they do their 'brick-and-mortar' clients. The sell of a BancRunner™ Shopping Cart is just like selling a Credit Card machine…other words, the up-front commission is all that is to be expected because having to become a Programming Tech is not required. BancRunner™ pays up to $400 commission for each Shopping Cart sold.

Universal Financial Systems, LLC. Offers A Membership With Services

Universal Financial Systems, LLC. offers BancRunner™ Shopping Cart as a Membership with Services to all Transaction Companies and/or ISO/MSP’s. The exclusive Wholesale Membership with Universal Financial Systems is built into every BancRunner™ sell. This includes a lucrative Profit Sharing plan for all Credit Card Agents who recruit others into the Membership. To learn more about this value, selection and the benefits of BancRunner™ membership, visit or call 800.995.2606.


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