Blazes only uses copper piping in central heating installations

A national heating company is only using copper piping in its central heating installations.

Online PR News – 08-May-2011 – – National central heating specialist, Blazes, is advising its customers to choose Blazes, or another reputable central heating company which uses copper piping.

The national central heating franchise says that many lesser central heating companies use plastic piping to keep prices down. But Blazes uses copper piping only because of its longevity and heat conductive properties.

One of the key attributes of choosing Blazes to carry out a central heating installation is that it uses of quality products at competitive prices – including copper piping.

Stuart Law, of Blazes, said: “Worldwide copper prices are continuing to rise, owing to the emergence of nations such as India and China.

“Copper is used extensively in wiring, which is why you see wiring being a top theft product from the railways to strip out the copper.”

“A few years ago copper was a disposable part of central heating installation - and the piping was generally a fraction of the cost.

“But now the cost of central heating can be more than the radiators. In order to get a robust and long lasting central heating system, copper piping is essential.”

Stuart says that modern plumbing should always use copper piping for water feeds and central heating pipework. But modern plastic pipes are sometimes used and older systems have iron pipes and even older houses have lead piping.

According to industry experts, copper has a number of advantages over other types of piping. It is non-toxic, unlike lead, non-corrosive, unlike iron, and is relatively soft and easy to work with.

It is biostatic and, as such does not support bacteria growth, is very fire resistant and can be bent to avoid obstructions, minimising joints.

Copper piping also fits in tight places which is one reason why it is preferred by most homeowners to the increase resale value of home

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