Fishiest Poker Site Alternative to PokerStars Unveiled at

A guide for players looking for alternative fishy poker sites similar to PokerStars

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – One of the principles of winning any game, in general and poker, in particular is playing against a weak player. Well, you won’t find this on sites enjoying more traffic. Of course, when most of the fishes are out there, there is no surprise you meet a shark too. So why let your money goes to a shark when you can have fishiest alternatives that will not only let your money be with you but will also help you earn out of it. Also, when the once-poker tycoons PokerStars and Full Tilt have been sent out of the market due to their unlawful business you have to have other options to let you keep on feeding your gambler soul, right?

At you will find the fishiest alternatives of huge poker sites. This is of course best for beginners since they will get weak players or even dummies (most of time) to play with, which will ultimately let them use their prudence to its full and win the game ultimately. Playing against strong players is of course dangerous if you don’t have much experience since strong players have more experience which gives them an edge over you and you will easily lose in such instances.

Some of the fishiest poker rooms identified by are and Here you will find many fishes who loses their money by making bad decisions all the time and of course this allows you be to the winner. So this is your chance to beat them and snatch money as well as experience in return. However, there is a catch and that is to remain on low limit tables as you will find beginners there to let you beat them. On higher limit ones you will meet sharks too, so beware and get the desired experience from low limit play before jumping on to the real game. not only shares the fishiest sites but also warn you of those who will not remain fishiest in some time like a site which is fishiest but will not remain so for long is UB poker; well, this site will soon become a center of professional poker players, so beware. So you will find all you need to know about poker sites and this will give you an edge to play and win. Now you can say with confidence that cares and keep its players informed about the latest in poker market.

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