Tencent Mobile Software Center upgraded to Tencent Application Center

Yesterday officially "Tencent Mobile Software Center" upgraded, and changed its name to "Tencent Application Center" .

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Yesterday officially "Tencent Mobile Software Center" upgraded, and changed its name to "Tencent Application Center" .so it let users friendly download better quality, more richer, more convenient, more secure mobile applications trough mobile phones, Pad and other mobile terminals.

It is well known that the development of mobile Internet and the rapid spread of intelligent terminals, let people be no longer strange to mobile Internet products. There appeared many kinds of apps, such as Leisure,entertainment applications, life tools application, business assistant applications, system security applications and so on. They not only bring convenience and add fun to our daily life basic necessities but also affect and improve people's quality of life.

Therefore, how to make hundreds of millions of users be able to access to better quality mobile applications, which must be considered by each of mobile Internet business. In order to serve users, Tencent has been always concerned about how to provide better wireless mobile applications for users, and has opened a new mobile application platform. Zhu Tao, director of Tencent Application Center in the event said that at the new start, Tencent Application Center, will serve many partners and the mass users with " full intentions", to meet the software selection, download, management and evaluation needs of users.

Regards to the initiative that "a new start, creates the future" at the opening ceremony of Tencent Application Center, China bulk wholesale electronics ePathChina CEO Yide Huang said: "it is no doubt that there are broad prospects for the mobile Internet, but how to achieve broader and deeper co- win situation in the industrial chain, it is worthy of thinking. At the same time, cooperation is the trend. EpathChina Yide Huang set up expectations that Tencent application center can promote the development of win-win industrial chain links, provide better mobile services for the users, but also provide a fair reference for the investment community."

EpathChina Yide Huang admitted that " the concept of win-win actions and intentions will help industry to achieve rapid development ", in addition, "Over the years, Tencent has always insisted on providing users with hearted services. Now, when served for hundreds of millions of wireless Internet users ,Tencent should adhere to the intentions of service, and develop with all joint to truly improve the user life quality. "