Poker Pro Annie Duke Makes a Guest Appearance on Ellen

Annie Duke poker pro and Celebrity Apprentice contestant talks to Ellen on her participation on the show and give’s Ellen and her audience some poker pointers

Online PR News – 14-May-2009 – – Poker Pro Annie Duke and a contestant on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, made an appearance on The Ellen Show on Monday to discuss her upcoming faceoff against comedian and presenter Joan Rivers and found time to talk about poker with the talk show host.

When Duke was asked whether she was playing Celebrity Apprentice like she would play a poker game she responded, “It’s a game and you have to play your strategy. I think it’s a game about business, so I don’t understand the personal level [Rivers] brought it to. When you’re playing poker, you’ll check-raise your best friend and then go out for a drink with them and have a good time. Those things are really separate, so it’s confusing to me.”

Ellen took the liberty of getting some poker tips from duke by asking her why shouldn’t play 7-2 when the chance of the flop being 7-7-2 is the same the chance of it being Q-A-K. Duke answered: “You should only be putting the percentage of money in the pot the percentage of the time your hand will win. 7-2 doesn’t win very often.” Ellen was being very poker savvy throughout the whole conversation brushing up on terms such as “flop” and “boat” and impressed her studio audience. Duke ended her seven minute appearance by signing a WSOP Chipset to help raise money the Human Society. The WSOP added a donation of $4000 prize package to a Boot camp.


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