Salt Lake City Retirement Planning Firm Offers Fee-Only Unbiased Service

Salt Lake City retirement planning company is offering the complete financial planning solution at affordable fees.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Retirement planning is among the most important activities any person should do. The fact is none of us can keep working till the day we go for the eternal rest. We must all retire some day, no matter how active a life we lead, and when we do indeed retire, the income we earn suddenly nosedives. On the other hand, the expenses certainly go up because with age comes illnesses and medications. The only way to keep leading a comfortable life when the income has gone down and expenses have increased is through proper retirement planning. The Net Worth Advisory Group is doing exactly this in Utah. This is a Salt Lake City retirement planning company that is offering exemplary service to its customers to help them plan their finances for the future.

Anybody with any money will make plans about ways to spend it and save it. So, does this mean that there is a financial planner in all of us? The answer is “No.” A financial planner is a person who can offer financial plans to his or her clients to solve their money concerns. According to estimates, there are about 800,000 self-proclaimed planners in the United States. But, to be a qualified one, it is essential to be a Certified Financial Planner®. A person who has the education, has passed the exam, and has the experience and ethical requirements mandated by the CFP® board can be termed as a financial planner.

The Net Worth Advisory Group employs the most qualified and experienced planners in Utah. This is one reason why this Salt Lake City retirement planning company is standing out. Besides, this is a fee-only company, which means that the Net Worth Advisory Group will work only for a fee. As a result, the company is always unbiased when it recommends any wealth management or retirement plan. There are no companies that pay them commissions, and therefore there are no companies to promote. Sadly, this cannot be said about most other retirement planning and wealth management firms that are out there. The entire earning of this Salt Lake City retirement planning firm comes from the fees earned from the clients.

The company believes in offering custom plans for their clients because each client and his or her needs are different. This is another reason why the Net Worth Advisory Group has become a preferred choice for so many customers. The financial plans begin at just $500, and can go up to as much as the client wants covered within the comfort range. The fees charged by this Salt Lake City retirement planning firm are affordable too. The all-inclusive fee charged is not more than 1.5 percent. Their competitors usually charge the fee between 1.6 and 2.1 percent. Of course, the difference could be a lot of money.

About the Net Worth Advisory Group: The Net Worth Advisory Group is a leading retirement planning and wealth management firm in Utah. The company offers a range of services that includes retirement planning, investment management, wealth management, company retirement plans, education planning, estate planning tax planning, and insurance evaluation. Please visit for more information about this Salt Lake City retirement planning firm.


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