2011 Meeting the Ancient Seers

Her colours are gold and white.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – I laid the cards out in the pattern we had been granted. I then began studying the cards from the descriptions in my notes. The studying was fairly exact and shocked us. She did the identical for me. We had been stunned. I have seen the exact same fired up response from my college students. " How on Earth did I do that?"

There are several possible theories to how this works. Some persons believe that there are beings in other dimensions present in the exact spaces with us who guide the reading through. They can be labeled "The Bigger Self", angelic forces, spirit guides, and many others. Other individuals believe that in some way thoughts are transmitted from customer to reader, or that the reader is responding to subliminal cues. These cues can not clarify why phone Tarot readings can be so precise. But if you know a bit about quantum physics/mechanics, it gets to be easier to have an understanding of.

Bells Theorem states: "No theory of reality compatible with quantum idea can need spatially separated occasions to be separate." This means that all distant events are in frequent communication interdependent and interconnected, and that just about every and each single particle ought to know just what each and every other particle in the universe is executing to know what it needs to be performing at any time. This even more implies that every particle in the universe is usually in touch with an "Organizing Consciousness."

Fritjof Capra explains the Bootstrap theory. "The "bootstrap" philosophy declares that we must abandon the strategy of basic creating blocks of make a difference. There are no basic entities whatsoever - no essential constants, laws, or equations. The content universe is witnessed as a dynamic website of interrelated events. None of the properties of any element of this world wide web are elementary. They all comply with from the qualities of other elements, and the total consistency of their interrelations determines the construction of the overall web."

In other words, all that exists is interrelated inter-related in a huge net. So it need to arrive as no shock that in our interconnectedness, my client's past, present and long term demonstrates up in the layout of the cards. Each atom and molecule in the Universe knows what each other atom and molecule in the universe is carrying out at any provided time. Synchronicity just flows normally from that.


Carl Jung, who coined the expression "synchronicity," was a modern of Freud as perfectly as a psychologist and professor. He arrived to this concept since he discovered "coincidences" played a quite meaningful part in our lives, but ended up not likely to have transpired randomly. For example, one affected person dreamed of an insect, a golden scarab. When telling Jung about the dream in session, Jung just happened to search out the window, saw a golden scarab flying by, and attained out and grabbed it. He gave it to the client and stated, "Here's your golden scarab." This function facilitated a significant breakthrough for the consumer, as you may well very well visualize.

Famous psychologist Carl Jung in fact browse his own Tarot cards daily, according to his autobiography ("Memories, Dreams, Reflectios") and was fascinated by the I Ching. He advised synchronicity might be responsible for how divination functions. He thought dreams had been piece and parcel of synchronicity, and were also to be noticed properly for that cause. Synchronistic events, alas, are not effortless to review, working with the at this time accepted "empirical" design of science. This could be why several researchers state that we have reached the finish of empiricism. Nevertheless, awareness of the body as an power system is raising between forward-contemplating scientists, and the chakras continue on to play an crucial role in a assortment of holistic healing disciplines.

Although small chakras exist all above the physique, the 7 big chakras are located in a rough line among the top rated of the head and the base of the torso. They're often depicted as lotus flowers, with just about every chakra obtaining a distinct quantity of petals. Every is also related with several colors, body parts, emotions and other attributes. Let's take a appear at the 7 chakras in turn, starting from the bottom.

1st Chakra - Base / Root

This chakra is situated at the base of the spine below the coccyx area, and is also recognized by the Sanskrit name of Muladhara. It is connected with the colour red, and represented as a 4-petaled flower. It attracts power from the earth, and is also linked with survival and the sensible problems of existence in a physical physique, the anus and genitals, the legs and (when blocked) with emotions of unworthiness and concern.

Second Chakra - Sacral