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Online Ordering portal for fast food, thousands of restaurants menu in one place to place order from. ibacstel SMS / GPRS Printer allows the orders to be received to each takeaways automatically. Order confirmation received realtime from the device to the website. iNetFoods is a unique framework has everything needed to run a fast food portal.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Inet Food

iBacs developed a unique online ordering framework called iNetFoods allows companies to offer an online ordering platform to their clientele such as Restaurants and Takeaways. The system is highly organized and vast in its functionality to provide a full fledged system that can fulfill every requirement of the same industry. It has been a growing attention to UK and Worldwide entrepreneur to invest on a similar business model where web based companies offer a online ordering platform to Restaurants and Takeaways. The website display and host a profile of each takeaway along with the online menu. Customers are able to come and search for their favorite or closest Restaurant or Takeaways and place their order directly from the website. Customers are also able to pay online.

The solution has a great demand worldwide and we are proud to present our system with a huge functionality and great marketing tools. Some of our recently developed websites listed below..

And growing..

Admin Panel:

Administration panel allows website admin team to manage restaurants/takeaways. It always to manage menu, manage delivery areas, opening time, customer orders, and many other functionality. It provides a robust and fully automated system run the online business. A full list of functionality can be supplied on request.

Restaurant Control Panel:

The Framework also always the facility to Restaurant/Takeaways owner to be able to access their own control panel. This provides a better solution for the restaurants owners to keep in track of their online ordering sales and marketing. This is an optional feature can be turned on or off from the admin panel.


It has a powerful customer account section allows customer to track and trace their orders. Reorder any previous order, earn points, participate affiliates program, facebook application and much more. It is very interactive and provides a very user friendly interface to make day to day orders for takeaway foods. Complete social networking connectivity to share with friends and earn loyalty etc.

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