Near Field Communication (NFC) Will Make Our Lives Easier

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is the groundbreaking IT development that promises to bring all your buying and transacting needs literally into your hands. With an NFC-enabled mobile phone, shoppers can shop for accessories, electronic gadgets, and even cars at the drop of a hat. The technology allows instant transactions over secure wireless networks for things as simple as buying coffee or movie tickets. The technology transforms your mobile phone into an electronic key, ticketing machine, identity carrier, and much, much more.

Online PR News – 05-May-2011 – – Shoppers who were wary of carrying cash while shopping were gifted coupons; those who outgrew coupons were gifted with debit and credit cards. Now the ever-changing IT world brings you the 21st century shopping revolution – Near Field Communication technology. With this technology, your mobile phone becomes a mobile ATM. With NFC technology, you can scan item codes and prices at stores, unlock your car door, configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, and book airline tickets. What’s more, an NFC-enabled phone can read mobile tags embedded in NFC Smart Posters and screens and immediately make related websites and pricelists crop up on you mobile phone screen!

NFC Technology: The Closer the Better

To work its magic, an NFC-enabled mobile phone must be placed in close proximity to the recipient NFC device. Typically the distance must not be more than 20 centimeters from the host device. The proximity creates a field of magnetic induction between the devices. Once the initiator and host recognize each other, the mobile phone becomes either a card emulator by acting as a contactless card, or a Reader of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for interactive advertising, or a Peer-to-peer (P2P) device where the two devices can exchange information (or conduct transactions). Proximity is, therefore, the only criteria for using NFC technology.

The Future is Here

NFC tags or chips are being experimented, very often successfully, in different media. They can be put to use for promotional purposes by filmmakers, for advertising products through SMS, for launching new products, and even to download selective data about buyers’ favorite store and brand. Many NFC-based contests have been successfully organized in which contestants could register by scanning a selected NFC poster or magazine page. Besides being great fun, the process is very easy and ensures consumer attraction and attention.

Customers also no longer need to queue up for their favorite band’s performances. They merely need to scan the tag and buy tickets for shows through their NFC-enabled mobile phone. All this with access to related promotional offers, choice collectibles, and, ease.

NFC technology- Boon to Advertising

By advertising through Smart Posters and NFC technology, companies can get assured attention. By simply scanning the product’s tag, consumers are able to access the product website, gain access to promotional offers and contests, and also download loads of freeware. The result – happy customers.

The possible effects and uses of Near Field Technology Communication are mind-boggling; the list of things you can now do is growing every day. Find out more about NFC Smart Posters and NFC technology at Whether you become NFC enabled or not, the technology is definitely here to stay, so get NFC savvy and get scanning.


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