Business Degree Programs Tailored for Today’s Competitive Job Market, California College San Diego (CCSD)

California College San Diego now offers Business degree programs tailored for today’s competitive job market. These business degree programs in Business Administration, Business Accounting and Business Management are formulated to equip the students with the competencies required for a smooth transition to a career.

Online PR News – 03-December-2009 – – San Diego, CA, Nov 24, 2009 – California College San Diego (CCSD) offers in-demand business degree programs based on sound knowledge, business theories and offers a practical learning approach to business education. This degree is specially designed to equip students to face the challenges of today’s highly competitive business market.

At a time when companies are closing down overnight and unemployment is rife, CCSD is striving hard to prepare students to meet the rigorous demands of today’s workforce through their high-value business graduate degrees. The benefits of such a multi-faceted education are enormous, as they bestow graduates with the required essentials and skills needed to climb the corporate ladder.

The Business Degree Programs at CCSD are designed to facilitate the smooth transition from classroom to the real world. With a variety of business degrees, your career options after graduation also vary. You could choose from a BS Degree in Business Administration or Accounting or an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and Accounting.

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration prepares students for managerial positions in both domestic and international markets. The degrees are designed to offer students a solid foundation of Accounting Fundamentals, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Sales and Marketing, and more. The program also prepares students for certifications in Tax Preparation, Insurance Exam, Securities Exam, Securities Exam and more. Choosing a fast track option, allows you to complete your degree in just 36 months.

The Bachelor Degree in Accounting aims at providing graduates with an understanding of the core concepts of business and accounting such as understanding the principles of federal taxation, auditing, and accounting for small businesses and corporations. The curriculum includes Accounting Fundamentals, Payroll Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Tax Accounting, Finance, Management, and Business Law among many other subjects. The business accounting degree also prepares you for certifications in Tax Preparation, Microsoft Office User Specialist-Word for Windows, Microsoft User Specialist-Access, Internet Commerce/Management.

A Business Management Associates Degree offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes Business Management, Financial Planning, Internet Fundamentals, Real Estate, Computer Graphics, Advertising, E-Commerce, Computerized Accounting, Stocks & Bonds, Marketing, Finance, and Computer Applications. The Accounting Associate Degree also prepares students for a number of Accounting certifications.

At CCSD, you can complete an AS business degree program in 20 months. Classes at CCSD start every month and students are required to attend an initial orientation program.

All students need to complete an enrollment agreement and go through financial aid to declare how they plan to finance their education. A campus interview is also required. Students who need financial assistance will be given recommendations from the college for financial aid, free of cost.

For details call 1-800-622-3188 or visit to request for more information.

About California College San Diego (CCSD)

Since 1978, California College San Diego (CCSD) has been training graduates for career opportunities in business and updating its courses to suit the needs of today’s competitive world. We offer high-value education in our Associate, Bachelor and Graduate degree programs in Business, Computers, Graphic Arts and Healthcare. The college degree programs at CCSD are accredited by reputed bodies like ACCSC and CAAHEP.