EverythingMom Media Inc. Announces Restructuring & Ad Network Roll-Out

On Monday, May 2, 2011, Everything Mom Media Inc. (EMMI) announced the launch of several new advancements, including revamp of their website, new corporate appointments and the official opening of sales for Canada’s first-ever Vertical Advertising Network serving parent bloggers and publishers.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – EverythingMom.com Gets New Look

EMMI announces the redesign and restructuring of its property, EverythingMom.com. Along with a new logo, the company is proud to publicize its new landing page design, which supports the site’s new magazine format. Previously, EverythingMom.com’s success was created largely by a knowledgeable, loyal community; the present implementation of new sections organized by subject will give visitors a more intuitive experience on the site, allowing them to find what they’re looking for and need at-a-glance.

“We’re really excited,” said EMMI founder and EverythingMom.com CEO, Michelle Davies. “Not only are we reorganizing our cache of content that spans back years, but we’re launching some new features, too, like our upcoming Local, Love, Food and Money magazines.”

EMMI has partnered with knowledgeable publishers living in various communities across Canada to create Everything Local, with the singular aim of “giving moms the 411 about what’s going on in their city,” said Davies. Everything Local is expected to soft-launch a dozen city’s pages before the end of May, and to continue recruitment of editors in other communities in the future.

EMMI is also partnering with three publishers, to produce the Everything Love, Everything Food and Everything Money magazines.

Everything Love includes content relative to men and women’s relationships with each other, themselves and their loved ones. Everything Food creates a home for the most sought-after content on EverythingMom.com – weekly meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks from seasoned chefs. Everything Money will provide parents with a one-stop shop for financial and self-employment success via tools, reviews, editorials and daily digestible advice about planning, saving and spending.

New Appointments

EMMI has brought Carrie Anne Badov on as Managing Partner. Badov, EverythingMom.com’s Editor-in-Chief, will continue on as a major developer and manager of the site’s content in addition to providing directive support to the company. Badov came to Everythingmom.com in 2009 with a background in advertising and writing.

EMMI has also elevated Terra Atrill’s role with the corporation to Operations Manager. Atrill is a long-standing contributor to EverythingMom.com with a background in writing, business consulting, marketing, accounting and administration. In addition to her role as Staff Writer, Atrill will now serve as supervisor of all operations, including new programs and the site’s new magazine, Everything Money.

The EverythingMom Ad Network

EMMI announced that Canada’s first exclusive-to-parents Vertical Ad Network is now open for business. Representing 22 publishers with nearly ten dozen properties, the EverythingMom Ad Network intends to make a splash in the advertising and online publishing worlds.

“Our focus is to connect brands with Canadian moms and dads, publishers of all successes, to create mutually-beneficial relationships,” said Davies. “As publishers, we’re most content when our audiences are getting what they’ve come to our sites to find. We do this by presenting ideas, stories and even brands that we really believe in. That’s what our network is really about – giving moms and dads the chance to work with the companies and ideas that they support, and making it about more than just the bottom line.”

On the heels of reports such as a recent study by US-based advertising network BlogHer that notes female publishers’ purchasing opinions are more influential than celebrities’, EMMI’s initiative to provide brands with access to female influencers is timely.

“There’s no disputing it. Women make the majority of household buying decisions, and brands are interested in working with parents because of their awesome influence in purchase decision-making,” said Davies. “Despite the recent recession, retail sales are up and climbing. The Canadian dollar is surging. There’s a real opportunity now for Canadian companies and parents to collaborate.”

“In the past, unrepresented bloggers have been taken advantage of and worked with brands they didn’t especially support because it seemed to be the only way to get their foot in the door, to move upward in the business of blogging,” explained Atrill. “We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen anymore, and to make sure that parents are lending their voices because they want to, and so that their audiences benefit from it.”

About EverythingMom Media Inc.
Founded in 2010, EverythingMom Media Inc. provides empowered inspiration to busy moms via its website, EverythingMom.com. Via forums, printables, weekly meal plans and featured content, the site gives parents a chance to kick back for a few minutes, communicate, share and learn, giving moms the tools needed to be their happiest, and to aide them in promoting their blogs and businesses.

The EverythingMom Ad Network continues the website’s aim, providing Canadian parent publishers the opportunity to visibly partner with advertisers, further developing their own brands, creating income and networking opportunities, and providing valuable support to the brands they trust most.

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