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Online PR News – 04-May-2011 – – Newbury, Ohio, USA, April 18th, 2011 – The annoyance, irritation, and frustrations that come with wearing eyeglasses can be lessened today! If you wear prescription eyeglasses, or even magnifiers for reading or crafting, you are probably fed up with having to dig through everything to find the eyeglasses you misplaced; you’re also probably tired of forgetting your glasses where you last laid them down, like the public restroom or the top of your car.

“When I didn’t need my glasses for the moment, I would put them up on my head. When I needed them again, I would pull them out and some of my hair along with them. I was so fed up with losing hair and my temper that I decided it was time to check out the eyeglass stands on eyeglassholders.com. I have never been happier with an eyeglass accessory,” says Molly, an avid scrapbooker, quilter, and stay at home mom.

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Everyone who knows the aggravation of wearing eyeglasses should own something that will actually help them with the bother of the eyeglass burden. You may feel that Eyeglass holders are unexciting, but you’ll change your mind once you’ve seen the selection available at www.eyeglassholders.com.. Eyeglass stands are a unique accessory in that they are freestanding eyeglass perches where you can leave your glasses and come back to them. As long as you don’t lose your eyeglass stand, you will never lose your glasses.