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can go to to record their choice of tv programming to watch back at a much more practical time.

On Beem.TV, customers can take pleasure in picking from TV Shows and Movies from Australia's Digital Free To Air TV channels, which can be reco

Online PR News – 02-May-2011 – – can go to to record their selection of television programming to watch back at a much more practical time.

On Beem.TV, customers can appreciate picking from TV Shows and Movies from Australia's Digital Free To Air Television channels, which can be recorded and stored securely in personal cloud based storage, then accessed anyplace from the Web.

Beem capitalises on the escalating trend of time shifting of television broadcasts, which is not only easy in an increasingly rapid paced planet, but is also a right enshrined in Australian legislation.

"Today, Beem officially launches its mission to enable people watch what they want, when they want, exactly where and how they want it. We're intuitively delivering Television to the Net.” mentioned Jimmy Storrier, co-founder of Beem. “Beem represents part of a new world exactly where customers pick a time and location that's hassle-free to them for their entertainment viewing.”

"Beem not only makes television far more practical, it enables you to uncover excellent content via recommendations from your friends” stated David Morrison, co-founder of Beem. “We've constructed Beem from the ground up to be component of a much more social entertainment experience. Connecting the Social Graph to Television is a effective mixture: a recommendation from a buddy is worth additional than a listing in a Television guide, or a promo spot.”

Beem.TV streams videos to a desktop or laptop internet browser in high-quality and presents the capacity to watch videos in full screen. The service will quickly be readily available on other platforms which includes mobile devices, tablets, set top boxes and World wide web connected television sets.

Beem represents an evolution of the Personal Video Recorder, which altered the tv consumption landscape in the 1980s by allowing viewers to time shift tv. Beem now offers buyers the ability to each time shift and far more importantly, location shift tv.

Beem.TV has been in private beta since November 2010. The response from users throughout the latest test period has exceeded expectations.

"In November, I don't feel we had any idea just how well-liked Beem would be with our limited trial group. Over 65% of people utilizing the service do so each week. It's clear that customers are in control of their entertainment experience these days, and a service like Beem aids them re-engage with television in ways they wouldn't have before.”

Storrier continued, “Beem is not just an on-line PVR. The service also gives the content business a flexible , centralised platform to deliver their material to customers, a platform which they could not have the time or inclination to construct themselves. We hope to enable content owners, creators and distributors to benefit from the trend towards on the internet viewing of content."

At the moment Beem is only obtainable to residents of Sydney, Australia, but Storrier says that the service will be aggressively rolled out not only inside of Australia, but also internationally in the coming year.

About Beem
Beem is an on the web video service that will allow users to watch Television online by supplying a distinctive on the net PVR service, giving customers the capacity to record and watch back digital free to air television at a time and a location that's easy for them.