Sugar Poof’s Gourmet Marshmallows

The finest artisan gourmet marshmallows now offered in dozens of handcrafted flavors.

Online PR News – 02-May-2011 – – Marshmallows have become very popular in recent times, and a reason for this is that they are great for any season or occasion. They are available in many flavors, colors, sizes, and can complement any dessert, hot beverage or can be enjoyed by themselves. Although gourmet marshmallows can be made at home, many people prefer to buy them because making them at home can often be too time consuming and they usually don’t turn out well. Also, handcrafted marshmallows come in wonderful unique flavors that have been developed to perfection over time and this takes lots of thought and testing.

Sugar Poofs artisan candy makers’ sale their gourmet marshmallows to boutique stores and now offer handcrafted marshmallows directly to the public from its website. There is no doubt that handcrafted sweet gourmet candy always taste better than candy made in mass quantities by machine. The fact is that edibles such as marshmallows need a special individual touch, the caring and the expertise of an experienced craftsman that no machine can replicate.

It is great news for all sweet lovers that Sugar Poofs is now offering their handcrafted gourmet marshmallows to the general public. Those who simply adore custom flavored marshmallows can now have them in flavors that where once only in pies, cakes, ice creams, and drinks. Without taking the trouble of having to buy all the ingredients, learn the recipe, and make them at home. Handcrafted flavors including coconut, cotton candy, key lime, cinnamon bun, and white russian are just a few flavors that have been perfected for your enjoyment.

Our gourmet marshmallows are also a great complement to bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, parties and anywhere you would like to impress your friends, family or coworkers by bringing them something delicious and fun. Each order of our handcrafted marshmallows is given special handling and care. From creating the marshmallows, to cutting, and packaging we show our passion in every order by giving you VIP treatment.

Sugar Poofs will soon be offering handcrafted gourmet graham crackers to accompany our gourmet marshmallows. Look for them on our site early this summer. There will be several options such as sweet drizzles of dark, light, white chocolate, caramel and original. Imagine making s’mores with gourmet marshmallows and handcrafted graham crackers with different flavors, well you don’t have to imagine any longer.

Sugar Poof offers gourmet marshmallows in many flavors, like coconut, chocolate mint, cinnamon, banana walnut, maple walnut, coco-berry, and lavender. From the owner:If you have an idea for a wonderful new marshmallow or graham cracker flavor, send us an email. If we choose to use the flavor, we will mention your name on our site and send you a free batch of marshmallows or graham crackers that you recommended.

About Sugar Poof: Sugar Poofs is a leading maker of some of the best handcrafted gourmet marshmallows you can find. The company takes care to buy the best quality ingredients and then makes each marshmallow carefully with dedicated passion to produce amazing results. The marshmallows are available in many flavors and they are always adding more to the site. Please visit for more information.


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