Introducing Calorie Conscious – The New Comprehensive Free Weight Loss Program

Calorie Conscious is a site for people who are conscious about there weight, diet plans.

Online PR News – 02-May-2011 – – Calorie Conscious is a new, state of the art, comprehensive online application that provides weight management tools.
“The idea we wanted to achieve is to give people the means to understand why they are the way they are,” said Mr. Habib Jinnah, CEO of Okkas Jinnah Web Solutions who developed the Calorie Conscious application.
“Most people have very little understanding of obesity and weight related issues. It is also due to the fact that so many products are available today and it confuses the consumer. Some believe that if they take a weight loss pill they will lose weight. They fail to realize that the supersized meal they ate last night is enough food for 2 days”
Calorie Conscious gives user an immediate overview of his eating habits, water consumption and exercise trends among other things.
Goals are defined in 3 weeks cycle and once the user enters all data pertinent to his daily food and water consumption, in addition to all his physical activities he can get in a click the following updates:

Daily calorie consumption
Body fat percentage

Moreover, Calorie Conscious provides also a cumulative daily, weekly or monthly macro nutrients analysis reports about carbohydrates, protein and fat consumption. Calorie Conscious is free to use and offers a premium service of personalized diet plans where the user enters for 3 whole days all his food consumption and physical activity and a certified nutritionist will elaborate a diet plan accordingly.
The application is bilingual- English and Arabic.
“We hope every individual wanting a healthier lifestyle will benefit from what this application has to offer. Our goal is to see people embrace healthy living by making small conscious steps and taking control of the little things that can have great rewards. And to approach weight management from a more scientific perspective. Researches link obesity to many preventable commonly widespread diseases such as high blood cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer. All it takes to combat them is to make a conscious decision to a healthier life.” added Mr. Habib

To learn more about Calorie Conscious and start using its elaborated free weight management services or get a premium personalized diet plan from their professional nutritionists, visit: