Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers Launches New Treatment Approach

The treatment involves removing pressure from the discs and joints in the lower back, thus providing relief from back pain.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Anchorage, Alaska, April 12, 2011: Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers, a leading provider of chiropractic care and rehabilitation, launches its new treatment approach that comprise latest technologies, such as Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) Neck Pain Rehabilitation System and DRS System Low Back Pain Treatment. MCU therapy effectively treats neck pain even in cases where other treatments have failed. It also offers many benefits, such as decrease in neck pain, improved daily function and range of motion, neck strength, long-term results, and maintenance of gains and reduced risk of injury.

The DRS System is a disc decompression therapy. The treatment involves removing pressure from the discs and joints in the lower back, thus providing relief from back pain. An effective alternative to spinal surgery, DRS offers benefits such as decreased leg pain and numbness, improved range of motion and daily function, shrinking of disc herniation and distraction of worn-out joints.

The clinic also offers specialized non-surgical chiropractic, physical and massage therapy. Chiropractors are specialists who can effectively treat neck and back pain caused by stiff muscles, disc problems and scar tissue. The treatment helps reduce muscle spasms, and injury risk, increase mobility, offer pain relief and slow down the development of arthritis. Chiropractic care also leads to a flexible and healthier spine, and is the best alternative to spinal surgery. Joseph Gregory, a patient, says "After having neck pain for the past 7 years, I cannot believe my improvement in just 4 weeks! The chiropractic treatment has been spectacular!"

The clinic's physical therapists also utilize physical rehabilitation to help treat injury and disability and pain. Physical therapists work along with physicians to create a personalized physical treatment plan for patients, which include suggestions on posture, tips on altering daily activities and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers also offers many unique customer-service related benefits, such as same day appointments, 10 minute wait guarantee and a first visit guarantee. The clinic also offers its patients research-based wellness education programs, which help them to understand their bodies better and take care of them. This, in turn, helps in faster healing and longer maintenance of results. The clinic also provides quick, appropriate and easy referrals to specialists outside its own areas of expertise. To further enhance customer convenience, the clinic takes care of patients' insurance claims at no extra charges (the clinic accepts Medicare, workers compensation, group, private and auto insurance coverage).

About Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers: Established in 1998 by Dr Brent Wells, Better Health Pain and Wellness Centers provides non-surgical chiropractic, physical, massage and occupational therapy that help treat pain effectively.