CallCenterInIndia (CCI) Excels the Web Enabled Call Centers Services
05/03/2011 is leading provider of Web-Enabled Call Center Services including professional order taking, help desk, customer service,Email Management, SMS/Chat Support and Web callback. We are a trusted Offshore Service provider offering low cost affordable call center services.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – The Internet is a driving force that dominates the business communication process. The tools and modern techniques of marketing through the Internet is not only helping the domestic sectors but also taking extensive care in the customer service industry. The introduction of web-enabled call center services from Call Center in India is a great initiative to assist the business organizations to boost effective communication thorough telephony-oriented methodology.

CallCenterInIndia (CCI) is a renowned BPO, offering truly international level web enabled services. The process of electronic communication through web chat and email marketing has made the communication process more innovative and cost-effective for clients. The e-commerce is a sector where most of the business organizations are making huge profit. The latest developments of computer-telephony integration (CTI) applications have offered valued services to call centers in mobilizing the customer
service support without any problem.

With a vast experience in call center services, we have been offering our global and domestic clients with an option to customize them on demand as well. Our Email Management assists a business organization to handle a bulk email procedure that
is often essential to communicate with the clients. It has become a vital aspect for any business organization to specialize in this field because the communication process through this tool is cheaper and faster than others. Apart from this, we
specialize in integrated software applications like Web Pop, Web Callback, Web Chat and Web Push services. In the last decade, it has been observed that computer-telephony integration (CTI) has been the most discussed and used topics in the call center industry. The call centers have experienced lesser call volumes and enabled them to dedicate their time on other activities.

CallCenterInIndia is a 100% customer service oriented organization. Based in Seattle, Washington, all the call center operations are specially developed for a multiple industry verticals. The support of a dedicated team and cutting-edge infrastructure has enabled us to show our expertise in delivering the best customer service in the e-commerce sectors across the globe.