Ping4Deals: the Merchant’s viewpoint

Nigel Spicer chief operating officer of ping4deals, who has been running his business for 5 years.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Ping4Deals is dynamic, real-time marketing designed for retail giants, and it delivers an array of advantages for merchandisers’--augmented sales, better operating margins and reduced waste -- something every Merchant is focused on. Ping4Deals combines three retail trends—geo-specific targeting, promotional deals, and mobile apps—to deliver a real-time sales increase from the audience who is in or near your store.

With Ping4Deals, any retailer can dynamically create promotions and present them to consumers within a range of 500 feet or so The only prerequisite for implementing the Ping4Deals solution is an accessible Wi-Fi Hotspot What this means is that your deals are instantly delivered directly to mobiles within range yet you remain in total control the activity and when the special is over, you can remove it. There is no need for outsourced marketing channels or reducing margins. The real-time approach also provides opportunities for studying onsite consumer behavior and generating demand in the moment. What’s more, users don’t necessarily have to install Ping4Deal software—available for free for the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile—instead they can simply bookmarking Ping4Deals on their browser will show them the local specials wherever they are.

Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” enterprise located within mall or operating your own location, Ping4Deals boosts your revenue through intensive, real-time mobile marketing The hotspot messaging works everywhere-- local stores, global retail chains, and shopping malls—and anyone with a mobile device within the Wi-Fi coverage can become a potential consumer for your business, leveraging your business with the discretionary, impulse purchases from consumers who may just walk away.

Call it a Buyer’s market, Ping4Deals is the seller’s way in!

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