Justlook trades in Computerized Visitor Management System

Justlook, an India based dealer for face recognition system, also supplies biometric visitor management to its clients. There is a good demand for this product owing to the various benefits that the product offers.

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – Justlook, a leading supplier for face recognition system, deals in mechanized visitor management system. This application records the details of all the visitants entering into and exiting from a premise electronically. It also allows the facility to blacklist visitors, manage appointments, and generate reports in a variety of formats. A biometric visitor management makes the task fast, cheap, and hassle-free; and hence the company finds it profitable to trade in this system.
Any premise that has a large number of visitors coming and going find it hard to keep a track of all of them. They usually maintain a register to record the details of all the visitants manually. It may get hectic for a single individual to carry out all the activities alone. Besides, this practice also leaves room for mistakes. Taking into account the requirements of the market, Justlook provides biometric visitor management.
This application auto enrolls new visitors into the system and auto detects repeat visitors. It has a large database that can store any number of records. The visitor management system can also generate reports on the basis of the records in various formats. This application has the facility to blacklist visitors, manage appointments, centralize multiple access points, etc.
A high profile company executive remarks, “Our product is a huge hit in premises with many visitors. It’s almost impossible to maintain the details of all the visitors in a premise manually. The company may need to employ many workers to look after this chore efficiently. Our product helps them save on the costs incurred in maintaining employees.”
Another senior company executive states, “Justlook, like any other company, is here to make profits! Where we do not see profit, we do not trade! We trade in this product because we see a huge market for it in the Indian market.”
Justlook is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but supplies visitor management system all over India. It has been present in the market since a very long time. The company has established itself in the sale of biometric products in the country. It believes that this product will sell more in the future. It has a good scope for development in India. For more information on the company, please visit:
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