Introduction of Face Identification System: Eradicating Older Security System's Needs

To eliminate the inefficiency faced due to the older security systems, there is an initiation of the involvement of face identification system. Aditech JustLook is a firm that is now ready to help with the system's implementation and support services.

Online PR News – 03-December-2009 – – Recall the old security systems where security used to be granted based on punching of the finger. Now clearing all such primitive issues, different places are adopting the newest technological advanced face identification system for granting the security. Recent report says that in various industrial areas, older security systems are proving to be inefficient. So, now with the introduction of face identification system, authorities are planning to extend their security systems in the field of biometrics.

As per a documentary report from China, the educational institutes situated there are facing the problem of tracking the presence of the staffs. The department head were in the verge to install the fingerprint system while the issue took a twist because of the large strength of the institution. As per the department head, "when the concern was to manage a large bulk of employee, face identification system helped us a lot to take the decision". So, now the planning has been diverged towards implementing the face recognition technology based face identification system.

Face identification system, based on face recognition technology captures the facial details of the individuals and stores them electronically. Therefore managing the bulk of data is not a problem with this system. While with its easy installation, the main issue is with the support service of the system. The system's support is important in terms of long term availability, usability and greater viability as per the current research on this system. Companies are there like Aditech JustLook that acquires this technology and provide the implementation, maintenance and support services.

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