Study Results - R&D Diet Cookie Improves Taste of Popular Diet Cookies

Study shows R&D Diet Cookie improves taste of their already popular diet cookie.

Online PR News – 02-May-2011 – – R&D Diet Cookie announced the results of a recent study that was done which showed they were successful in improving the taste of their popular diet cookies. “The cookies are very effective at eliminating hunger and cravings and most of our customers already enjoy the pleasant taste of the cookies”, states Dorothy Palmer, Sr. Research Scientist with the company. “I don’t want our current, satisfied customers to worry though. We did not make a drastic change. I just felt I could ‘tweak’ the recipe a bit and make them taste even better. It looks like we surpassed even our best expectations!”

The experiment was carried out between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM on 16 April 2011 in Galveston, TX. After fully disclosing the aim of the experiment--to compare the taste of diet cookies -- 10 subjects volunteered. Subjects were male and female adults between the ages of 21 and 38. The subjects were asked to compare cookies of the same flavor: Chocolate A vs Chocolate B, or Raisin Oatmeal A vs Raisin Oatmeal B. The fourteen sample bags, 1A & B – 7A & B, were presented to subjects with a bowl of grapes and a glass of water (to cleanse the palate between cookies). Subjects were asked to simply choose which cookie tasted better, A or B. They were instructed to taste all of the cookies, in any order and as many times as necessary, in order to make a sound judgment. The rankings were recorded on data sheets.

“The results of this taste test show that we were extremely successful in improving the taste of our popular cookie diet cookies,” said Ms. Palmer. “All of the subjects except one picked the new, improved version of the cookie.”

R&D Diet Cookie is a weight loss program that promotes rapid weight loss. “There is nothing more motivating than seeing the pounds fall off quickly when you weigh” says Ms. Palmer. “If you are otherwise healthy, the cookie is designed to replace daytime meals… breakfast, lunch and snacks. They contribute about 400 calories total and completely eliminate hunger and cravings. “The hardest part is convincing yourself that losing weight quickly is OK” she claims. The company assured us the effectiveness of the cookies has not changed with the recipe. “The studies have been done that show this new version of the cookie is just as effective at eliminating hunger and cravings and actually, they appear to be even more effective than before” states Ms. Palmer.

Their website describes the cookies as being good for you. “… packed with the most effective, high quality protein blends, fiber, and good carbs, low in sodium, naturally low in cholesterol, and an excellent source of Omega 3’s and Vitamin E. From there you can enter a contest each month to win 1 week of their weight-loss cookies. Also, from their website you can subscribe to their blog which is constantly updated with interesting and relevant information.

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