MIND Over Food! (Seminar)

Struggling to eat healthy? Knowing what to eat, but aren't eating the right food? Knowing what is popular, yet, mastering your thinking will give you the real self-control you desire and deserve.

Online PR News – 13-May-2009 – – "YES, you can go from complete anxiety, struggle and frustration to playing an easy, fun, simple, healthy and winner's game with food, and I'm living proof it can be done!" JD Mumma

""Tired of struggling with food - guilt, shame, anger, confusion, lack of control, playing victim, making excuses...?""

Q: Difficult or impossible to control what you eat in certain situations? Holidays, events, family gatherings...?
Q: Know you should be eating better but can't seem to change your habits?
Q: Think you need to be stronger and/or have more will power?
Q: Sometimes, wish you didn’t have to eat at all?
Q: Do you buy food preparation books and equipment and don't even use them?
Q: Attended dozens of seminars, read dozens of books, been in numerous therapy sessions… and still can't control your eating?
Q: Blaming your poor eating habits on others, parents, children, relatives, co-workers, spouse, schedule… or even the weather?

You Will Learn:
* How eating healthy requires almost no will power.
* Ways to separate facts from myths, lies, propaganda, hype...
* What's behind, or controlling, most food cravings and addictions.
* Why not enough discipline or will power, may be the wrong diagnosis.
* Tips for reprogramming your mind to taking back control of your eating.
* The history of food propaganda, subconscious influences and how to take back control of your mind.

When: Thursday, May 14th 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where: Nature's Express, 2949 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
Cost: $10
R.S.V.P.: (619) 379-9367 or (619) 550-1818, JDM@HumanExcellence.com

Presenter: J.D. Mumma, Amx. (www.JDMumma.com) is a success coach, author, professional speaker, former radio show host as well as a leading health, fitness, and human potential expert. He has often been referred to as a "walking encyclopedia" on health and fitness. He is a former "Gold Certified" Fitness Trainer, having taught at many world premier health clubs and at such famous Health Spas as Rancho La Puerta, and La Costa Resort. His clientele list reads like a "Who's Who" list. Co-author and publisher of, The F.U.N. Program: How to Master the Shape and Health of your Body. Founder of the soon to be launched Human Excellence University and co-founder of www.VeganExcellence.com.

Online PDF flyer: www.HumanExcellence.com/professional-speaker/MIND-over-Food.pdf