The Entire Cosmos Is In Peril

A battle between good and evil is about to commence in this spellbinding book that features vampires, angels, demons, gods, hard rock underground of the 80’s and 90’s, and a popular American writer.

Online PR News – 03-December-2009 – – Lafayette, CO (Release Date) – A collaborative effort by two authors—a ghost writer, who’s an actual earthbound ghost, and a medium, who has strong psychic abilities—this book is sure to be an intriguing and mysterious read for both young and old readers. Releasing the first installment of the Eternal Death thriller book series, author Lily Strange and her co-author invite those who are interested of the supernatural and paranormal, fans of horror and underground heavy metal, and fascinated with vampires, pagans, mythologies, and spirits to explore more this intriguing realm through this spine-chilling story.

Eternal Death I: Lost Beneath the Surface introduces readers to a woman who is haunted by the ghosts of her past—one of which is a megalomaniac vampire with history’s most fearsome deities on his side. With her long-awaited second marriage finally about to become a reality, acclaimed novelist Terry Bruckham is besieged with painful and terrifying memories. Those most closely associated with her are also assailed by disturbing dreams and obsessive thoughts. What they don’t know is that a sinister plan is being enacted in Earth’s Dreamlands, home to the sleeping and earthbound dead, as a troubled spirit wrestles with the warring pieces of his own psyche for the well-being or destruction of everything that exists. What is Terry’s role and significance in all that’s happening in both universes—the living and the otherworld? The hair-raising revelations await readers in the first book of the Eternal Death series.

Half of the royalties from the book will be donated to a charitable cause, the World Federation for Mental Health. Eternal Death is available for online purchase at any of these bookstores:,, or

About the Author
Lily Strange is a pen name of a creative soul who describes herself as a “reluctant medium.” She was forty-four years old at the time of this book’s writing. In “real life,” she works as a resident care tech in a retirement community. She has an adult son. Although it could be argued that she should be committed due to having a major mental illness (type II bipolar disorder) as well as borderline personality disorder, she has instead committed herself to being an advocate for compassionate, affordable mental health care. To this end, she is donating 50% of any royalties earned from the book to the World Federation for Mental Health. It was decided by herself and her co-author that his portion of the royalties should go to this cause. She believes that her co-author is the spirit of a man who committed suicide eighteen years ago. He is Earthbound and his mission is to stop people from making the same decision that he did. She has been in touch with the spirit world all of her life. Although she has only seen one spirit, she can sense their thoughts. The spirits that communicate with her are earthbound spirits. For whatever reason, most of them are male. She also does psychic readings to support her advertising, domain hosting, and publishing costs. Her belief in spirits and spirit communication may be another argument that she should be committed, in some people’s eyes. For more information about her, visit