I am a Beer Hound Howls for Michigan Beer

Paul Starr, a beer hound, published video reviews to spread the word about Michigan beer, the breweries, home brew supply stores, and the restaurants and bars that serve Michigan beer.

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – Michigan, the Great Lakes State, the home of Gerald Ford, and the automobile, pizza, and the aerospace industry, also makes some of the best beers in the world. Unfortunately, Michigan beer is not that well known. Some residents of the state and cities like Detroit or Lansing already know about this, and they ask for beer that is made at Michigan breweries when they go to Michigan bars or restaurants. But the popularity of the breweries is limited to within the state.

Paul Starr loves his Michigan beer, and is now aiming to change this. He has come up with his own website “I’m a Beer Hound” to promote beer made in the state, Michigan restaurants that serve them, and even Michigan home brew supply stores. The website lists video reviews of beers made in the state, and places that serve them. With the website gaining popularity, it is expected that the popularity of beer made in Michigan will finally reach the rest of the world, and would not remain confined to within the state. The aim of the website is also to inform the residents about the best restaurants and bars in the state for drinking beer.

Paul wants the website to become a popular forum where breweries can talk straight to the customers and inform them about the best they have to offer. Paul feels that the state does indeed make some of the best beers at Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo, and it is about time that Michigan beer got the accolades that it deserves.

“I’m a Beer Hound” publishes three kinds of video reviews. There are individual beer reviews, round table reviews, and brewery and restaurant of the month.

Paul’s schedule is a tough one. He wants to cover as many Michigan retailers, breweries, and restaurants and do as many video reviews as he can. He invites people to join in a chat and discuss Michigan beer and do the reviews. Paul talks to a cross-section of people and asks for their opinion. The videos in the website include both experts, and common people who just love their beer. And Paul is of course there to provide his own insights on the state beer. The website also publishes information on beer events and a brewery listing of the best beers in the state.

The individual reviews include a close-up of the beer so that people can actually see what it looks like. The technical details are also discussed in these reviews. The beers are rated on taste and color. All opinions are always honest. Paul believes that if the Michigan beer reviewed isn’t a good one, it won’t appeal to the drinkers.

About I’m a Beer Hound: I'm a Beer Hound promotes beer made in Michigan, the breweries, home brew supply stores, and the restaurants that serve Michigan beer. The website is promoted by Paul Starr who publishes video reviews and features various categories each month. Please visit the site www.imabeerhound.com for more information.