Exciting New Article Directory Released Just For Poker

April 30, 2011

Poker news site PokerFilter.net has relaunched itself as an article directory specializing in the poker market. Writers are able to submit their high-quality poker articles to the site and website publishers will be able to utilize

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – April 30, 2011

Poker news web site PokerFilter.net has relaunched itself as an article directory centering on the poker industry. Authors are able to send their high-quality poker articles to the site and website publishers are able to utilize the article content from the website on their own websites.

Article directories give copy writers a option to improve attention about their own websites or even to practice their writing skills and poker sites are continually attempting to find top quality, well crafted articles for their sites. To ensure the quality of the articles, experienced poker writers will review each and every submission prior to the article is used in the directory.

With categories like poker strategy, WSOP, rakeback, poker news, live tournaments, poker pros, poker promotions, and many more both creators and web publishers should have no problem selecting subject areas to write about or content for their websites. The PokerFilter article directory is a wide-ranging resource. A spokesman for PokerFilter said "The objective is to be the one-stop resource for everyone associated with composing and publishing poker and gambling connected content."

PokerFilter having been a successful poker news website currently gets significant site visitors consequently authors submitting articles will get the type of exposure that they are in search of and normal people that use the website are going to have access to some of the finest poker related information available anywhere on the web.

PokerFilter is also utilizing a completely unique business solution in an effort to sustain the quality expectations of the site. Anybody is is able to to send in an article. Once the content has been submitted it is analyzed by a poker expert who is able to appraise the quality, accuracey, and relevence of the article. Articles which do not fulfill this high standard will be denied and the writer is offered the option to bring the content up to the website's editorial guideline standards. When the content is approved then the creator sends in a fee of $17 for listing in the directory.

Website publishers are free to use any of the approved posts provided that they do not make any modifications to the original text, including any hyperlinks that were in the original content, and post a snippet of code crediting PokerFilter as the source of the article.

PokerFilter anticipates that this straightforward approach will benefit the whole poker commuinity by allowing creators a chance to prove themselves or strenghten their brand and sites that happen to be in need of high-quality poker content will be able to receive them at no cost.

See http://www.pokerfilter.net/ for additional info.