suggest talking to a professional before major bathroom renovations.

Writers at popular site warn against rushing into bathroom renovations without a solid plan in place, approved by a professional.

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – The most common renovations people do are kitchens and bathrooms and a spokesperson from the website bath screens has suggested seeking professional advice before major work is carried out.

"Most people renovate based on a completely aesthetical point of view, the actual reason all your bathroom tiles are falling off might be a different, more serious underlying problem. Due to the changing temperature of bathrooms, problems can occur quite easily if they are not tackled properly."

If you are considering remodelling your bathroom, make sure there are no underlying problems before you start the work. If you complete the job and find that damp has set in, you will need to undo all the hard work and start again, wasting time and money.

"We have seen numerous instances where people have sought advice after the work has been carried out and had to watch as their new bathroom is ripped up to fix a damp issue. Moisture isn't the only problem however, the warm temperature means mould can cause you a lot of problems. Make sure there are no adhesion problems, if mould builds up behind any tiling, it could be a costly repair."

Even if you are planning a small decoration job, it's still worth doing some research due to the problematic nature of the temperature changes.

"Another common problem is the wrong kind of paint used on the ceiling and walls [ceiling is most common]. If the paint isn't moisture resistant, the damp walls will attract mould from day 1"