Piexon JPX Jet Protector pepper spray pistol is really a rapid loading high tech OC delivery system.

A short while ago released by Mace Security Worldwide, the Mace Pepper Gun is one of the most precise non-lethal self-defense tools accessible in the sector nowadays.

Making use of a "bag-in-the-can" technologies, the Mace gun delivers a ballistic

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – The answers are a lot easier than you could consider. Pepper sprays are employed by all these individuals simply because they are so effective. Helpful in opposition to assailants for private civilian use, useful in opposition to canines in puppy attacks for postal carriers, civilians and police officers. And they are useful in opposition to bears and wildlife out in the back again nation. Pepper sprays are the most widely utilised product for self-defense.

Here are 3 examples of how defensive sprays have been utilized just in latest weeks-pepper sprays in the news.

5 months in the past a convenience save operator in a northeastern state was robbed at gunpoint. A person of his best customers gave him a pepper spray to use just in scenario it took place once again. Nicely certain adequate about 3 weeks ago the retailer owner was held up at gun stage. He had put the pepper spray ideal subsequent to the money register.

The 2nd that he noticed the gun he instinctively arrived at for the pepper spray and shot the armed robber in the confront with a quick spray. The robber immediately fled the shop. The shop owner known as 911 and gave a superior description of the man. 20 minutes later on the police observed the man sitting in a car that had just run into a energy pole. Electrical wires were hanging about the motor vehicle so the man couldn't escape. The purpose he ran into the power pole was because of the defensive spray and all the tearing it induced.

In another example, a neighbor noticed a burglar actually kicking in the rear door of his neighbors' house. The neighbor known as 911. As the police autos approached, sirens wailing, the lousy guy ran out the back again door and was about to get away when he tripped and fell into a hole knocking his head and heading unconscious.

The neighbor approached cautiously. When the burglar began to arrive about the neighbor sprayed him with a pepper spray gun from twenty feet away as he was regaining consciousness. The burglar instinctively obtained up and started to run but couldn't see because of the tearing the spray triggered. He ran right into the police officers who had arrived on scene.

A 3rd example was proper right here in my hometown not that prolonged in the past when an attempted residence invasion took area. As the invaders arrived into the property the homeowner reach for his pepper spray that he had by the front door and sprayed the two undesirable men. They acquired away and had been not viewed all over again.

Every single of these examples reveals how someone's existence or house was saved by use of pepper sprays.

When are you obtaining some?

Pepper Spray Track record

Over the last 15 decades, there have been significant technological advances in pepper spray technological innovation. Whilst the primary active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum (often known as OC), has remained the similar, various distinct delivery systems have been launched to the public this sort of as the pen and keychain.

Both of these delivery techniques have established to be wildly well-liked with customers and many experts credit score these somewhat new delivery methods for popularizing OC spray for the masses as an alternative of a solution basically targeted for the law enforcement group.