100% Confidential And Anonymous STD Detection Now Available With Simple STD Testing Services

Simple STD Testing now provides ultra-confidential STD testing. The company tests for all types of STDs, including herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV -- anonymously.

Online PR News – 13-May-2009 – – TUSCON, AZ - Simple STD Testing, a company that offers completely confidential STD testing, is now available to anonymously and accurately test for many different STDs including: herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.

In addition to testing, Simple STD Testing provides access counselors who are sympathetic and understanding, as well as same day appointments and quick test results for peace of mind. Should test results return positive, the company's specially trained counselors are on-hand to give reliable treatment information, as well as emotional support to the patient and his or her partner.

"We’ve made it our goal to provide anonymous STD testing to our patients. Many people are hesitant and embarrassed to visit their family doctors if they suspect they have an STD and it gets pushed to the back of the mind and ignored. Our anonymous and confidential testing means that you don't need to be afraid to talk about your sexual health - it doesn't have to be a taboo subject," said Ramon Gil, founder of Simple STD Testing.

"It has been my passion to educate people about sexual responsibility and I founded Simple STD Testing to help people find a way to safely and anonymously get tested for sexually transmitted diseases," said Gil.

The company is strict about its confidential service, without exception. The company also promises less paperwork than a traditional doctor's visit requires, making testing easier on patients. Because the tests are specific for STDs, they take less time than a generalized test performed by many other hospitals and labs and some results are available in just 24 hours.

"Many people find that going to their regular doctor for STD testing means filing with insurance and a positive result can sometimes raise health care costs. We've created this service so our patients can be tested for STDs without worrying about being faced with a huge insurance premium increase," said Gil.

"Also, because many people receive health coverage through their employers, their sexual health suddenly becomes known to their human resources department. It's no wonder many people are afraid to get themselves tested. Our confidential HIV testing, as well as testing for other STDs, means you won't ever have to worry about the results becoming known."

About Simple STD Testing:
Simple STD Testing is a company that confidentially tests for many types of STDs, including herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV. The company was founded by Ramon Gil with the intent of educating people about their sexual health and to provide anonymous STD testing for people who are too scared to visit their family doctor.

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