How to Uphold the Patchwork Heritage? Pre launch of BlanketAmerica

How to Uphold the Patchwork Heritage? Pre launch of BlanketAmerica

Online PR News – 02-December-2009 – – Blanket America is keeping in track of the tradition of how the USA was formed. The patchwork heritage of the country is still the pride of this nation’s unity. It is a mass of different people sewn together to build one of the strongest powers of the world. The inaugural speech of Obama has prompted Blanket America to go back to out roots and realize the needs of the millions of people who are living under poverty and help them out through the Patchwork Heritage Quilt.

Blanket America will provide these beautifully developed quilts that are composed of 13 different fabrics which represents the 13 original colonies as well as the entire inaugural speech or President Obama which highlights the words Patchwork heritage.

Blanket America will be the prime source of the blanket of warmth for the needy. This aims to help out the Americans in need. To advantage of this chance and be a responsible American who is aware of the real situation of other countrymen and dares themselves to be of assistance.

In a day’s time, will be at full swing come October 31, 2009. Now more people can spread and share with the gift of giving. More ideas can come out of this and can develop Blanket America into a more successful endeavor.

Though blanket America, people can be part of something that can be worthwhile. Nothing is better than giving for a cause. The duties of Americans to their fellow citizens as well as country are well highlighted with Blanket America. So be part of this and go back to your roots of different people uniting and giving a caring hand to those in need.

So be part of the solution. Check out and take a look at the wonderful choices of quilts. Grab this opportunity to fully understand how this nation was united and at the same time show that you care for poverty stricken Americans. It may not be much but blanket America through its patchwork heritage quilt is a small step that may lead to giant leaps for this great country. Stand up and be proud to be Americans. Let this be a prime example on how culture can motivate a nation to move as one and strengthen the bond among its citizens.