Canadian Company Shares The Benefits of Purchasing a Furnace For Your Homes

There are many different situations you may find yourself in where you are considering purchasing a new furnace. Purchasing a new furnace will help your home become more energy efficient, which is a key reason as to why people will invest the money i

Online PR News – 30-April-2011 – – There are many different situations you may find yourself in where you are considering purchasing a new furnace. Purchasing a new furnace will help your home become more energy efficient, which is a key reason as to why people will invest the money in a new furnace. Unnecessary heating costs are just one of the problems of inefficient furnaces. If your furnace is noisy it is a good indicator that it is malfunctioning, which could be because of the age of the furnace. Sometimes your furnace will break, due to the equipment in the furnace and the repairs are so costly that it makes more sense to purchase a new furnace.

You may find shopping for a furnace difficult considering the many options to choose from. Furnaces are large expenses for your home and it is important that they function properly. When you are shopping for a new furnace you want to consider the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of the furnace. High efficiency furnaces have the best AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of all furnaces, with an AFUE of 94% or more whereas a conventional furnace's AFUE rating will be between 60 - 65%. If you have a conventional furnace you are wasting approximately 35 - 40% of energy for every dollar you spend due to inefficiency. In between a conventional and high efficiency furnace when it comes to performance you will find the mid efficiency furnace. In comparison to a conventional furnace a mid efficiency furnace saves 20-23% in heating costs due to its AFUE rating of 80%. With a high efficiency furnace you can expect to save about 30 - 38% in your heating costs when compared to a conventional furnace. Not only does a high efficiency furnace cut down on wasted energy, which is good for the environment, it is also good on your wallet and will help you save money throughout the year on your heating costs. Heating costs will be reduced if you purchase a high efficiency furnace, which is a great option for your home.

There are three basic types of mid efficiency and high efficiency furnaces that you can choose from, modulating, single stage and two stage furnaces. With a single stage furnace your furnace will run at full capacity, even when you don't need it to. Ultimately single stage furnaces are not as efficient as two stage furnaces because once you turn it on it will run at full capacity. If you want to heat your house to a set temperature and then maintain that temperature then a single stage furnace isn't a great option for you. For people who plan on setting the temperature in their home at one setting and maintaining the temperature then a two stage furnace is a good option. Two stage furnaces run in two stages, as the name suggests. The two stage furnace operates by running at 65% in the first stage and then moving to the second stage where it runs at full capacity when needed. A two stage furnace eliminates temperature jumps, making your home more comfortable and affordable to heat. Save money and energy by maintaining a constant temperature in your home.

With up to 65 stages of heat output a modulating furnace is a great energy efficient option. A modulating furnace operates by using an electronically commutated motor (ECM) and variable speed. As a result of the variable speed and ECM (electronically commutated motor) modulating furnaces are longer lasting, quieter and operate for a fraction of the costs of a standard furnace, saving you money on heating and hydro. There are a number of benefits to using an electronically commutated motor (ECM) variable speed blower furnace. ECM variable speed blower furnaces reduce electrical consumption by up to 80%. Up to 24 times quieter, a variable speed blower furnace is a good option compared to conventional furnaces. Save up to 16% on your central air conditioning by using a variable speed blower furnace. Another great benefit of an ECM variable speed blower furnace is that it will enhance the humidity control that you have over your home in summer and winter, reducing the side effects you may experience related to dryness.Use an ECM blower motor within your modulating furnace to improve temperature stability in your home. With longer operating cycles the ECM blower motor modulates heat. Air satification causes hot air to rise to the ceiling and cold air to drop to the ground. Air satification can be reduced in your home by running your furnace constantly. Jumps in temperature cost you more money because they cause your furnace to work harder, therefore it is better to maintain one constant temperature at all times in your home so that if you have a two stage or modulating furnace the furnace will never need to run at 100% in order to heat your home..

Proper maintenance of your furnace is the best way to ensure that it will run optimally and last for a long time. Regular maintenance is much cheaper than paying for costly repairs when your furnace breaks. The life of your furnace can be compromised when it breaks. Protect this important investment in your home by conducting regular maintenance on the furnace. Without heat your pipes can freeze and burst and without cooling your hardwood floors can warp and the interior of your home can be damaged. You can maximize energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills by ensuring that you conduct regular maintenance on your furnace. Maintenance of your furnace includes checking that pumps, burners and exhaust fans operate properly as well that filters and coils are clean. Dirty filters and blocked air passages from clogged coils will make your furnace work harder, decreasing its life expectancy while increasing your heating costs. Regular furnace maintenance helps improve the air quality and flow in your home. To help your furnace perform up to its manufacturers efficiency specifications ensure that you conduct pre-season maintenance. Consider a maintenance plan for a new furnace purchase, which may provide additional warranties on certain furnace parts.

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