Internship Placement Service Provider Explains How to Find the Most Valuable Internship Experience
04/29/2011 explains how to sort through the sea of available internships.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – New York, New York – “It’s normal for students looking for internships to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless selection of opportunities out there,” says Chanin Coyle, President of USAIntern, LLC (, an online leader in internship placement services throughout the United States. “The key is to limit your options.”

Coyle says that there are often positions that students may want to stay away from, because they offer little or no value, or no meaningful experience.

“The bottom line,” Coyle says, “is that there is no point in taking an internship that won’t help you advance toward a career.”

She offers the following tips that will help you find the internship that’s right for you and worth your time:
Ask a lot of questions. Coyle says that you should never feel like you are bothering a potential employer by wanting to find out as much as you can about the company and the position. Just like they will ask you many questions about your school and work background, you have a right to ask anything you want about the position you might end up accepting.
Be sure to ask what duties you will be required to perform. Ask if you will be able to attend meetings and conferences with executives, managers and other employees. Also ask if you will be more than just a coffee fetcher.

“You have the right to know.” Coyle says. “Plus, asking questions shows you are truly interested in a position with the company and it will impress those interviewing you.”

Don’t be too picky. Passing up an internship with no real value is one thing and hoping for only the best internship out there is another.

Coyle warns that you should never limit your search by ruling out any company that is not well known, because an internship is more about the experience you gain rather than the clout behind the company you worked for, no matter how impressive it may sound.

“A prospective employer will be more appreciative of the fact that you assisted on a big project at some no-name company rather than the fact that you filed papers for IBM,” explains Coyle. “You want any valuable experience you can get your hands on, so do not pass up a position that is available to you if you know that company can put you on track for a career.”

These are just a few ways to ensure that you find the right internship for you. For more advice, visit and contact a USAIntern representative today.

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