The Essilfie Hostel Project: We’re Building For A Cause

ALL students have a right to be educated in a safe and affordable environment

Online PR News – 03-May-2011 – – This press release is to introduce the Essilfie Hostel Project. This is a building project with a cause. The mission of this hostel project is to provide students in general and college students in particular, with a safe, convenient and affordable place to live and study. As part of the mission, the Essilfie Hostel project has embarked on the construction of a four story, seventy-two room hostel in the historic town of Cape Coast in Ghana. Cape Coast is home to the University of Cape Coast as well as to several secondary schools and has a need for more housing for its students. In the 2007-2008 academic year, only thirty-eight percent of the qualified University of Cape Coast admission entrants were accepted into the University’s programs partly because of the limited housing situation. Of those accepted only twenty-six percent were able to secure on-campus housing. The other seventy-four percent were faced with the task of seeking accommodation elsewhere. Furthermore, visiting students and local workers pursuing continuing education and higher education courses at the University are faced with the same challenge of affordable and safe housing. As applications for higher education increase, so will the problem of inadequate housing for students. Many celebrities such as Bill and Melinda Gates and Oprah Winfrey have championed the cause of education. All students deserve to be educated in a safe and affordable environment. The Essilfie Hostel Project seeks to address and alleviate the problem of inadequate student housing in Cape Coast, Ghana.

There is a personal side to this project. The twenty-four year old architect for this hostel succumbed to sickle cell anemia last year. This hostel will be one of his legacies.

The hostel project will not only provide safe and affordable housing for students, it will also provide businesses and tourists with an attractive alternative to the high priced hotels. This fast growing trend was the focus of a special feature report in the March 28, 2011 edition of “U.S.A. Today” in which it stated that nearly 2000 United States colleges were providing outside groups with a place to stay and attend conferences during their summer months. Cape Coast also has the advantage of being the home of many historic and scenic sights. The Essilfie Hostel Project is also strongly committed to supporting the local economy. To this end, local workers are being used in the construction phase and the hostel will also have local workers on staff. Mr Eustace Essilfie spent part of his early years studying in Ghana and is keenly aware of the issues facing the students there. He is looking forward to sharing his resources with and giving back back to this community. He has developed a great relationship with the University of Cape Coast and the local business community and has received a favorable response to this project. Indeed many in the community are hoping the project will be completed before the two year target completion date. As a responsible team leader and participant, Mr Eustace Essilfie continues to devote his time and resources to this project.

The Essilfie Hostel Project is actively seeking individuals, investors, companies and organizations who support our mission and would like to participate in this project. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please contact Mr Eustace Essilfie via telephone at 1-646-229-8656 or via email at You may also write Mr. Essilfie at 165 East 179th Street, Suite 5-F, Bronx, N.Y. 10453, U.S.A.

Says Mr. Eustace Essilfie, C.E.O. and President of the project: “There is a personal side to this project. The twenty-four year old architect for this hostel succumbed to sickle cell anemia last year. This hostel will be one of his legacies.”

For more information and sponsorship opportunities you may reach Mr. Essilfie via telephone at 1-646-229-8656,online at or via mail at: The Essilfie Hostel Project, 165 East 179th Street, Suite 5-F, Bronx, New York 10453, U.S.A. You may access the site by clicking the link below.

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