Vango Tents – New Models and Camping Equipment For 2010

Vango have been producing high quality camping tents for forty years now, starting with the Force 10 brand, over time Vango has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of tents and camping equipment in the UK market. Vango prides itself on creating innovative and stylish tents designed for a whole range of activities from mountain backpacking to family camping.

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This article aims to discuss the changes in the 2010 camping range of Vango tents, with new models coming into the range and other disappearing or being tweaked for performance purposes.

Vango take customer feedback and market research very seriously, this has allowed them to create a market led product range of tents that is one of the widest ranges available on the market.

Adventure Tents – Modifications and New Styles of Tents:

There have been a few modifications to a successful range of adventure tents, these tents offer great value for money for those looking at the budget end of the market for a tent.

This collection of tents includes the best selling Alpha, Beta, Zetes and Sigma ranges of tents which have remained ever popular due to their high quality and low price points.

New for 2010 is the Vango Zetes 400 tent which offers superb value for money, offering more space and room for living and sleeping the Zetes 400 is a great addition to the adventure tents collections.

Weekend Tents – expanding collection for 2010:

The Weekend range of tents was only launched in 2009 but was a massive success with most retailers selling out of lines such as the Vango Icarus 500 very early on in the season.

This tent, the Icarus, has become so successful due to its expansive living space, large structure and low price point. Offering campers all the benefits they need such as the sewn in groundsheet and the TBS system to increase stability and overall comfort.

Due to the large amount of success the Icarus had, Vango have launched the Icarus 300 and 600 respectively, both versions just smaller or larger versions of the current Icarus tents on the marketplace.

Additionally, the new range of Artemis tents has three sizes, these being the Vango Artemis 400, Artemis 500 and the Artemis 600.

This range of tunnel tents differs from the others in the weekender collection as it uses powerplus steel poles which enable the tents to have greater strength and stability whilst providing added height within the tent.

Family Tents Improved for 2010:

Many family tents in the 2010 Vango tents collection have been improved in terms of shape, style and colourations.

The Orchy sees the biggest overhaul as it loses its brow pole above the door; this is now replaced with a full length fibreglass pole to add strength and stability to the tent.

Also aiding the tent structure in terms of waterproofing as the shape of the tent is far better. The full length pole does add a little bit of weight onto the tent but overall it is a really good improvement on an already highly popular quality family tent.

The Vango Tigris tent carries on as per last year with its sales set to increase again, there was a low supply and a high demand for the Tigris tent last year which meant many people missed out on purchasing the tent.

Additions to the family ranges of tents include the new Vango Maritsa 500 and Maritsa 700, large steel constructed family tents that offer unrivalled living space and standing height.

Set to be a very popular tent that may even challenge sales of some of the Outwell tents such as the Outwell Montana 6.

One of the key reasons Vango remains one of the main figures in the camping equipment industry is because they listen to customer feedback and continually improve the product ranges.

This has been an integral reason that there is only two major contenders in the camping market for domincation of market share, these being Vango and Outwell.

Browse through both their tents ranges on the website, which stocks a vast range of tents from both Vango and Outwell and many other manufacturers.

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