Kumamoto Oysters Selected As "Oyster Of The Month" By Grand Central Oyster Bar's Sandy Ingber

"Bishop of Bivalves" Picks Oregon Oyster For May

Online PR News – 04-May-2011 – – New York, April 29—The historic Grand Central Oyster Bar continues its “Oyster of the Month” salute with the Kumamoto from Oregon the selection for the May, it was announced by the “Bishop of Bivalves,” executive chef Sandy Ingber.

Ingber says: “These sweet and creamy gems are grown just for us in Oregon, flown in and placed directly on your plate.”

The Kumamotos will be priced at $3.15 per oyster, and are just one of 30 oysters on the menu daily at the historic eatery located “below sea level” in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. For reservations for lunch (beginning at 11:30 am) or dinner (last evening reservation at 9:30 pm), call 212-490-6650. The Grand Central Oyster Bar serves 4,000 oysters daily, from roasted to Rockefeller, on the half shell, and in pan roasts and stews

About Kumamotos…
Oregon Oyster Farms, Inc. has been producing premium oysters in Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon since 1907. There are two cultural methods used at Oregon Oyster Farms. One is bottom culture. The other is raft culture. Market-sized oysters are harvested during all seasons. There are two oyster species currently being cultivated at Oregon Oyster Farms, Inc.: Crassostrea Sikamea (Kumamoto) and Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oysters). Kumamoto or Kumos, native to Japan, is difficult to find in Japan today. The succulent Kumomoto oysters are small, deep-cupped variety that makes for excellent half shell oysters. The meat of the Kumo oysters has a greenish tint, with a delicate and soft, creamy texture. They are highly prized for their sweet, fruity, and sometimes buttery flavor. The thin shell, plump meat, and mild flavor clearly mark this oyster from suspended culture. Yaquina Bay, Newport is one of the prime estuaries for Kumamoto oyster culture along the Pacific Northwest coast due to its dynamic and advantageous ecological conditions.

Pacific oysters are the most popular cultured variety along the Pacific Northwest Coast. The rich, clear waters of the Yaquina Bay produce abundant supplies of Pacific oysters, which are clear, cool, sweet, and mild to taste as a compliment of the beautiful, environmentally friendly waters they were cultivated in.

The oysters from Oregon Oyster Farms, Inc. are pollutant-free, rich in nutrition, fresh in taste, tender, smooth, and firm in texture and are popular not only domestically but also internationally. People can enjoy our fresh oysters every day in New York such as the Grand Central Oyster Bar Restaurant at the Grand Central Station, as well as other restaurants in many other major cities including Boston and Portland such as Eat An Oyster Bar. Recently, the fresh oysters from the farm have become especially popular in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Perhaps the most scenic of the plants, Oregon Oyster Farms is located on 6878 Yaquina Bay Road, six miles east of Embarcadero at Newport. Customers can walk right into the retail store in the processing plant-with shuckers on one side and oyster graders on the other. Shucking is done from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday. The retail store opens from 8:00am to 5:00 pm weekdays and from 9:00am to 5:00pm weekends. We ship oysters too. Tel: 541-265-5078, Fax: 541-265-2401. Email: www.oregonoyster.com