Dictao’s Publication of the “Trust and Dematerialization” White Paper

Dictao, a leading software publisher in the authentication and electronic signature fields, announces the publication of a new white paper, “Trust & Dematerialization – New Tools Benefitting Enterprises.” Today, Dictao is the benchmark partner for organizations that wish to focus on reinforcing their security levels while dematerializing their paper flows.

Online PR News – 04-May-2011 – – In this new white paper, Dictao takes an in-depth look at the spectrum of security challenges facing organizations in today’s world, as well as Dictao’s proven solutions to these hurdles.
Electronic exchanges are becoming more and more dominant in all sectors. For example, banks are broadening their online services to include paperless contract signing and wire orders, governments are focusing on the development of eServices, and private industry is electronically invoicing clients and paying suppliers.
It is more important now than ever to ensure the safety of transactions through the implementation of several security features : authentication, electronic signatures and signature validation, timestamping, constitution and management of proof, and traceability of transactions.
Dictao offers an entire line of security products and solutions, available as both products and services and detailed in this white paper, to meet all of an organization’s security needs. Through implementing these solutions, organizations gain the added benefit of dematerializing their processes, which leads to increased efficiency, enhanced client services, as well as conformity to regulatory regulations concerning electronic transactions.
Jacques Pantin, the founder and president of Dictao, says “At Dictao, we consider that the separation of trust functions and business applications is indispensable, and that the formation of an integrated trust platform on which applications can rely is absolutely essential. Our trust solutions permit not only improved security levels, but also the possibility of creating new, efficient services, more capable than ever of meeting client needs.”
In order to access this white paper, and learn more about Dictao and its world-class products, please visit www.dictao.com/en/home.
About Dictao : Dictao is a benchmark publisher of software solutions for strong authentication, electronic signatures, and secure archiving. We develop and market solutions that provide the functions required to establish security and trust in an electronic world: client and user authentication, binding electronic signatures, generation of transaction proof and archiving for legal purposes.