24-Hour Tree Emergency Services Available in Birmingham

Expert arborists are available to come out and give homeowners a free estimate at anytime.

Online PR News – 04-May-2011 – – Birmingham residents can call professional arborists for help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Premiere Tree Services, the area’s most experienced arborist firm, offers a full range of professional emergency services including tree removal, clean and limb removal.

Expert arborists are available to come out and give homeowners a free estimate at anytime. This enables property owners to start cleaning up right after an emergency situation such as a windstorm or a tornado. It also lets families and businesses start rebuilding and repair work as early as possible.

The free estimate gives owners a figure that they can provide to their insurance company right way. Many people may not be aware of it, but tree removal is covered by most homeowners, business and property insurance policies. To get reimbursed for such services, a policyholder will need to get an estimate first.

Professional Arborists on Call

The arborists from Premiere are fully bonded and insured. They also have years of experience and the latest equipment so that the job will be done right and done fast. These professionals can remove a large tree in just a few hours.

In addition to the trunk, these professionals can remove the stump through stump grinding. They can even plant a new magnolia or elm to replace one destroyed by the weather. This can help get your property looking the way it should again.

There is no more need to fear emergencies because these pros will remove all of the debris including the trunk. They can also remove broken limbs and inspect the rest of the property for other dangers.

The experts at Premiere will come out immediately if the situation is dangerous or life threatening. They can be on scene in less than an hour and removing a collapsing or fallen tree. Unlike some firms, this company always places emergencies on the priority list. That means the danger can be cleared away and the safety of families or employees ensured.

Since the individuals that come out will be professional arborists they can inspect trees to see if they can be salvaged. That means some of the greenery can be saved even after emergencies such as storms.

For more information, contact Premiere Tree Services of Birmingham, 1401 Doug Baker Blvd. Ste. #107-169, Birmingham, AL 35242, call phone: (205) 598-2104, email birmingham@premieretreeservices.com or visit http://birmingham.premieretreeservices.com/.